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<nettime-ann> [ann] "Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation
Dimitrina Sevova on Mon, 3 Oct 2005 10:59:06 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] "Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation", Plovdiv, 7 October-8 November

Dear colleagues,

it is a pleasure for us to invite you to our new project "Critique of
Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation", a project of the Art Today
Association, written and curated by Dimitrina Sevova, which will take
place at the Center of Contemporary Art - "Ancient Baths" in Plovdiv
from 7 October to 8 November. The opening is on 7 October at 18:30h,
with the performance "Second Hand" by Sexismus Productions from Zurich,
a party with DJ Pauline Boudry, and a surprise movie. The theoretical
symposium will be taking place from 8 October to 10 October. We will be
happy to see you, and to discuss with you.

30 artists and collectives are participating in the exhibition and
series of performances. The theoretical symposium includes 18 lectures
and presentations and opens up space for debates and a critical
exploration of the topic.

You'll find more details under the following links:

http://fake.arttoday.org/pdf/invitation-en.pdf (invitation, with an
introduction by the curator, a list of participants, and a program
overview for the theoretical symposium)
http://fake.arttoday.org/pdf/plan-baths-exhibition.pdf (map of the
exhibition space at the Ancient Baths, indicating the placement of the
http://fake.arttoday.org/pdf/fake-postcard-censored-en.pdf (postcard for
the project: 182 KB)
http://fake.arttoday.org/pdf/fake-postcard-panorama-en.pdf (second
postcard for the project: 158 KB)
http://fake.arttoday.org/pdf/fake-poster.pdf (the poster of the event;
careful: 4.8 MB)
http://fake.arttoday.org/pdf/fake-poster-small.pdf (the same poster in
reduced quality, for those with slower connections: 935 KB)

All of the above information is also available from the site of code
flow, the Zurich partner of the Art Today Association in this project:
http://www.code-flow.net/fake (which incidentally is temporarily offline
at the moment, due to technical reasons not under our control)

Best regards,

Dimitrina Sevova - curator of the project

Emil Miraztchiev - director, Art Today Assocation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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