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<nettime-ann> [event] 12.10./13.10.05 Linz: TRANSFORM. The future of institutional critique

*TRANSFORM. The future of institutional critique

**12/13 Oct. 2005**
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz***
Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1
4020 Linz

The transnational three-year project TRANSFORM will investigate the 
relationship between institution and critique along three lines, which 
are also the theme of the opening workshop at the Lentos Art Museum Linz

on 12 and 13 October 2005:
1. The line of art production. Following the two phases of institutional

critique in the 1970s and the 1990s, a new phase of critique is 
emerging, which goes beyond the two earlier phases, particularly as a 
combination of social critique, institutional critique, and
2. The line of art institutions. Here questions will be raised about the

development of critical art institutions, against the background of an 
increasing pressure from repressive or neo-liberal cultural policies. 
Beyond this, new forms of the organization of critical art institutions 
are to be reflected on.
3. The line of the relationship of institution and critique as movement.

At this most general level the question of the mutual relationship of 
institution and social-political movements is to be addressed, and how 
this relationship can be made productive in the sense of emancipatory 
TRANSFORM is a project of the eipcp - European Institute for Progressive

Cultural Policies (Linz/Wien).

*12 Oct. 2005*
13.00-14.30  *Gerald Raunig*: /Transforming the Arts of Governing/
14.45-16.15  *Irit Rogoff*: /Smuggling: An Embodied Criticality/
16.30-18.00  *Simon Sheikh*: /The Trouble With Institutions

/*13 Oct. 2005*
13.00-14.30  *Hito Steyerl*: /The Institution of Critique/
14.45-16.15  *Sergio Bologna*: /When the Movement Turns Into an 
Institution ...?/
16.30-18.00  *Boris Buden*: /Critique Without Crisis, Crisis Without 
Moderation: *Stefan Nowotny*


panel* The Future of Critical Art Institutions*
*12 Oct. 2005, 19.00 | Lentos*

The co-organizers of TRANSFORM will discuss the future of critical art 
institutions from their different local and global backgrounds
*Charles Esche *(Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven)*
**Solvita Krese *(Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga)*
**Jorge Ribalta *(MACBA, Barcelona)*
**Stella Rollig *(Lentos, Linz)*
**Ulf Wuggenig *(Kunstraum of the University of Lüneburg)
Moderation: *Therese Kaufmann *(eipcp, Linz/Wien)
opening party of the transnational eipcp projects TRANSFORM and
12 Oct. 2005, 21:30
Kapuzinerstr. 36
4020 Linz

Faculty for Radical Aesthetics. faculty opening party. netbase, Vienna, 
9 Oct 2005
In the Place of the Public Sphere | Theorien der Öffentlichkeit, 
Buchpräsentation und opening party TRANSFORM / translate. Depot, Vienna,

10 Oct. 2005**

The workshop /TRANSFORM. The future of institutional critique/ is 
realised in cooperation with Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz -
The three-year projects TRANSFORM and translate are supported by:
European Commission - Culture 2000 programme, KulturLand Oberösterreich,

Linz Kultur, Wien Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt:KUNST

eipcp - european institute for progressive cultural policies
a-1060 vienna, gumpendorfer strasse 63b
a-4040 linz, harruckerstrasse 7

contact {AT} eipcp.net <mailto:contact {AT} eipcp.net>
http://www.eipcp.net <http://www.eipcp.net/>

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