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Depot Claudia Schenk on Sat, 15 Oct 2005 17:22:43 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] International_invitation_to_tender_for_an_arts_project_on_


International invitation to tender for an arts project on the subject
=84SLEEP=93 including an exhibition in the Depot in Dortmund, Germany.

Depot e.V.
Centre for craftsmanship, arts, media and neighbourhood
Immermannstrasse 39
44147 Dortmund
Phone: 0049 - (0) 231-900 806
Fax:   0049 - (0) 231-900 808
info {AT} dormART.de

Contact: Claudia Schenk

Description of the project:

The independent arts centre Depot in Dortmund organizes the
arts project and exhibition dormART on the subject =84SLEEP=93. This
project is
inspired by the internationality of the Football World Cup 2006 with its
multitude of guests and football fans from all over the world.

Eleven national and international artists will be invited to work on the
topics of =84sleep=93 and the =84culture of sleep=93, and to present the
result of
their concepts and ideas - judged by a jury of museum directors,
and specialized journalists beforehand - to an international audience
the scope of a public exhibition.

A room installation consisting of eleven individually designed rooms will
created. These rooms are supposed to be rent out to art lovers and
fans as an overnight accommodation during the World Cup 2006. The media
artists use as well as their approach to the idea of =93Sleep=94 and the
of the rooms are completely optional.

Each of the participating artists will have a standardized lot (4 x 4
metres, 3 metres high, open on top) at his free disposal. The site where
project and the exhibition will be carried out is the so called
=84Schiebeb=FChne (traverser)", the central hall of a former tramway
During the day the whole hall (measuring approx. 850 square metres with
height of 12 metres) is flooded by daylight coming in through the ridge
turrets and the large windows on the back and the front of the building.

Entitled to participate are all visual artists who are older than 35
of age and who are able to prove at least on exhibition of their works in
public funded institution (Museum, Public Exhibition Hall, and etcetera)
well as some experience in international projects and exhibitions.
The competition is worldwide and open participants from all countries.

The six-week exhibition is split in two parts.
>From May 26th - June 7th 2006 the installations will be presented to
national and international visitors in a public exhibition.
During the four weeks of the World Cup the rooms will serve as
hotel rooms=93 for art lovers, collectors or football fans.

Schedule / brief:

Submission of the concepts: From October 1st - December 31st 2005
Announcement of the jury's decision: March 2006
Realization of the project in the Depot: May 14th - 25th 2006
The first part of the exhibition (open to the public): From May 26th
(Vernissage) - June 7th 2006
The second part of the exhibition(private letting): From June 8th -  on
9th 2006 (Finissage)

For detailed information please take a look at our website:
Also on the website you can find the invitation of tender.

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