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<nettime-ann> [ann] Integrier mich am Arch / Gegen die Bridge
ali karan on Fri, 25 Nov 2005 18:55:03 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] Integrier mich am Arch / Gegen die Bridge

  * http://www.frieze.com/feature_single.asp?f=1115 
Istanbul City Report

Integrier mich am Arch (Integrate My Ass), declares a
deliberately misspelt German slogan superimposed over
a naked cowgirl shaking her bum, which alternates with
a mugshot of Germany?s new Chancellor Angela Merkel
(who during her election campaign catered to
anti-Turkish resentment). The video Gegen die Bridge
(Against the Bridge, 2005), by Serhat Köksal, was the
one great chance encounter in what was otherwise a
confused and cobbled-together ?Hospitality Zone? in a
former warehouse that Esche and Kortun had given to a
group of local initiatives and art schools ? a gesture
that felt strategic rather than heartfelt. Köksal?s
video ? with its anarchic, early 1990s? cut-up energy 
    * http://www.frieze.com/feature_single.asp?f=1115
        ' NO Touristik NO Exotic , NO Ethnic Market ' 
 2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal played 80 concert ' NO
Touristik NO Exotic ' live audiovisual performances in
60 city / 10 country / 12 international festival in
Europa , Asia , North America .  like Rotterdam Film
Festival , St Petersburg SKIF ,Amsterdam World Wide
Video Festival ,Austria Diagonale Film Festival ,
Belarus Subculture Festival ,...  spaces like  Berlin
Martin Gropius Museum  , Amsterdam Melkweg , 
Rotterdam Off Corso , NewYork EastRiver Park
Amphitheatre , Berlin Club Maria , Moscow Dom   ,
Brussel Recyclart , Vienna Fluc Mensa , Warsaw CDQ ,
Karlsruhe Zkm Univercity, Minsk Dinamik Club ,Berlin
Podewil , Rostock Stubnitz Motorship , Bialystok De
Centrum Squat,Ludwigsburg Film Academie ,Berlin Prater
Theatre , Hamburg Astrastube ,Graz Postgarage ,....
livin and workin in istanbul . 

 ' NO Touristik NO Exotic ' http://www.2-5bz.com 

* http://www.reboot.fm/news/item?item%5fid=281789
* http://borderphonics.samizdat.net/webradio/?p=79
 * http://www.add-on.at/cms/side10.html
 * http://www.fulldozer.ru/news/102
 * http://www.lodziana.pl/archiwum/roz01181.html 

  *   Live performances mit traditionaller Musik und
experimentellen Sounds ; elektronische
Musikkompositionen ,Video Cut-Ups , Collagen , Action
Films , Videoinstallatationen ,politische Propaganda

  * 2/B 5Z aka Serhat Köksal's exhibition & video
installation in 9 th ISTANBUL BIENAL at Antrepo Salon
- 16 september -  30.october 2005 .   review in
Frankfurter Rundschau Newspaper 19.09.2005 ; 


 ' Merkel Nummer 2 spielt eine Rolle in Serhat Köksals
trashigem Video Gegen die Bridge, dessen Titel eine
Kreuzung aus den zwei letzten Filmen Fatih Akins ist,
die Botschaft dagegen nicht nur orthografisch
bemerkenswert: "Integrier' mich am Arch". '   

 2/5 BZ workshop at the  Ludwigsburg Film Akademie for
Ludwigsburg European Film Biennale in 14 th sept.

 Workshop with 2/5 BZ, Istanbul
Andere Orte 09/14/2005 11:00 at Ludwigsburg
Filmakademie M1/01

Serhat Köksal, aka 2/5 BZ, is presenting a workshop on
the subject of Turkish pop cinema and deconstruction,
exotic tourism and anti-orientalism, copy culture and
remakes, critical sound art and audiovisual
experimentation using collage and cut-up techniques,
found footage, field recordings and samples - in
short: a critical and humorous re-use of mass culture.
The programme focuses on media literacy, the role of
advertising and corporate power in our lives,
intellectual property issues and the evolution of art,
law and resistance in a media-saturated multi-national

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