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<nettime-ann> [call] Call for Works - 5uper.net Cuisine Digitale
Barbara Essig on Fri, 25 Nov 2005 18:59:09 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [call] Call for Works - 5uper.net Cuisine Digitale

ongoing solo-exhibitions, Museumsquartier Vienna

 From January 2006 5uper.net offers the possibility to exhibit works of 
international and national media artists in one of the ten largest 
cultural complexes in the world, The Viennese "Museumsquartier".

5uper.net asks for submissions of artists which work in the field of 
electronic, digital - as well as computer based art.

*Accepted works* are:

* interactive works,
* installations,
* netart
* and Video
or any other kind of related digital works.

Selected artistic work will be presented for at least *three weeks up to

6 weeks in a solo-exhibition* to an international audience of peers, 
critics, producers, academics, local industry partners and the broader 
public. Per exhibition it's possible to exhibit ONE work. Furthermore we

provide the opportunity to organize workshops, lectures, talks and 
presentations referring to the exhibited work.

Submissions and proposals for possible cooperations for the fields 
mentioned below should be sent via our submission form 

*exhibition space data:*
13 qm (3.4m x 3.8m)
2.6m high
opening hours: daily 10.00am to 8.00 pm

Accomodation for app. 1 week can be provided. Regrettably travelcosts 
cannot be refunded.

5uper.net creates and deals with networks, of digital, social, local and

global nature: A metadisciplinary international forum for communication,

to connect anybody involved or not (yet) involved in the areas of media,

architecture, art and technology. Transparency of new media is the 
primary aim, with is achieved with workshops, events, symposia and 

Furthermore 5uper.net develops and researches on man-machine interfaces,

optimization of existing media channels, exploring new methods of 
communication and new and alternative ways of distribution. There is a 
constant creative discourse to provide a network for enhancing the 
exchange of substantial and non-material resources.


submission form - http://cuisinedigitale.5uper.net/application.php
cuisine digitale - http://cuisinedigitale.5uper.net/index.php
5uper.net - http://5uper.net/


Barbara Essig
Künstlerbetreuung - 5uper.net

email: be {AT} 5uper.net

MuseumsQuartier MQ Wien
q21/ Quartier21/ TransEuropa Trakt
Museumsplatz 1,1070 Wien
Vienna, Austria, Europe

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