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<nettime-ann> [call] 2nd Call for Papers: New Geographies of Surveillanc
D F J Wood on Thu, 5 Jan 2006 16:30:50 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [call] 2nd Call for Papers: New Geographies of Surveillance


New Geographies of Surveillance

A double session co-sponsored by Urban Geography Research Group,
Political Geography Research Group and Surveillance & Society.

Royal Geographical Society / Institute of British Geographers Annual
International Conference 2006, 30 August - 1st September 2006 at the
Royal Geographical Society with IBG, London

*Please note revised submission deadline - 23rd January*

Session co-ordinated by: Dr David Murakami Wood, University of
Newcastle; Professor Steve Graham, University of Durham; and Dr Nick
Fyfe, University of Dundee.

With current concern over global terrorism and the 'permanent state of
emergency' that constitutes the war on terrorism, surveillance has
become a key strategy and a point of conflict and debate. Recent years
have seen a massive expansion in surveillance practices and technologies
across spatial scales from the body to the global, in settings from the
urban, through the natural environment to the virtual, and involving
actors from state institutions to private corporations, individual
people and nonhumans. The spread and intensification of surveillance has
serious sociospatial consequences in every domain from the life-chances
of individuals to the fate of nations; and the development and form of
cities, urban space and urban culture. This Session will showcase the
emerging critical geographies of surveillance.

Topics include:

*	theorising new geographies of surveillance;
*	local, national, regional and global trends in surveillance;
*	case studies of new surveillance technologies and practices;
*	surveillance and the practice of geography (such as GIS and
*	surveillance, justice and exclusion;
*	surveillance, governance, regulation and democracy;
*	surveillance, intelligence, war and terrorism;
*	surveillance, territoriality and borders;
*	surveillance, cities and urbanity;
*	surveillance and crime;
*	surveillance and the body;
*	surveillance and the nonhuman;
*	resistance to surveillance; etc.

Please send all submissions, using the abstract submission form at
<http://www.rgs.org/category.php?Page=ac2006>  to:

mailto:d.f.j.wood {AT} ncl.ac.uk <mailto:d.f.j.wood {AT} ncl.ac.uk>

The deadline for all submissions is January 23rd, 2006.

Dr David Murakami Wood

Global Urban Research Unit (GURU)
School of Architecture Planning and Landscape, University of Newcastle
upon Tyne, UK.

Exchange Visiting Fellow, School of Social Sciences, Waseda University,
Tokyo, Japan.
(January to April 2006).

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