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<nettime-ann> [call] Deadline Extended: CHI 2006 Workshop on Creative En
Elisa Giaccardi on Thu, 5 Jan 2006 16:31:41 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [call] Deadline Extended: CHI 2006 Workshop on Creative Engagement in New Media Arts and


Please distribute. Apologies for cross-posting.

Call for Participation
ACM CHI 2006 =93Interact.Inform.Inspire=94
Montreal, Canada

About Face =96 Interface:
Creative Engagement in New Media Arts and HCI


Saturday April 22 and Sunday April 23, 2006
Workshop website: http://studio416.cfa.cmu.edu/CHI06workshop_AboutFace

Pamela Jennings, Human Computer Interaction Institute and School of Art
Carnegie Mellon University

Elisa Giaccardi, Center for LifeLong Learning and Design
University of Colorado, Boulder

Magda Wesolkowska, Faculty of the Built Environment and Planning
University of Montreal

This two-day workshop will bring together a vibrant community of =20
individuals interested in the new models for communication and =20
interaction demonstrated by new media art and their potential =20
contribution to HCI. The divergent thinking and creative visions =20
supported by new media art practices offer a platform that emphasizes

creative engagement as a locus for innovative design and evaluation =20
methods for HCI research.

Researchers and practitioners from several distinct fields of =20
artistic and scientific inquiry, including art, design, engineering, =20
education and HCI will engage in discussions about issues of new =20
media art practice and evaluation and their relationship to HCI =20
research. The focus of the workshop is on identifying and sharing =20
projects and research methods that bring to light the synergies =20
between the research-in-practice of the new media art community and =20
research activities in the HCI community.  The workshop goal is to =20
discuss attributes required for a theoretical framework that =20
positions creative engagement as a hub for future transdisciplinary =20

We welcome creative practitioners involved in new media art and =20
cultural production, HCI researchers concerned with the design of =20
novel interfaces and technologies in support of creativity and =20
collaboration (with a particular emphasis on pervasive computing, =20
tangible interfaces, and interaction models of emotion and context =20
aware computing), theorists and researchers in aesthetics and social =20
and cultural studies interested in issues of creative engagement.

Establish a ground for a thoughtful and vibrant dialogue amongst =20
creative practitioners, social scientists, and HCI researchers to =20
provide insights and indications for brainstorming, understanding, =20
and developing:

theoretical frameworks for concepts of creative engagement in the new

design space engendered by information technologies, particularly as =20
they relate to aspects of engagement (embodiment, intersubjectivity, =20
affect, etc.), means of engagement (place, narrative, etc.), effects =20
of engagement (creativity, sociability, sense-making, etc.), design =20
approaches (metadesign, participatory design, user centered design, =20
etc.), and participative systems (reflective or synergetic =20
communities, artistic and cultural networks, etc.);
interface features, system components and applications that support =20
requirements of creative engagement;
new methods and experiences for evaluating interfaces and interaction

systems grounded in =93research-in-practice=94 aimed to support novel

applications for creative engagement;
leverages for artistic and cultural community practices as =20
contributions to HCI and technical research practices.

Creative practitioners involved in new media art and cultural =20
production projects;
Researchers and practitioners concerned with the design of novel =20
interfaces and technologies in support of creativity and
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