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<nettime-ann> [event] Bio-Mapping workshops (London) March 19 & 26 2006
Andy Robinson on Sat, 4 Mar 2006 00:07:45 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [event] Bio-Mapping workshops (London) March 19 & 26 2006


Sun 19 March / Sun 26 March 2006


Greenwich Emotion Map is a new mapping project created through local
people's personal explorations and journeys of the Greenwich Peninsula 
and shows how people feel about the area. Bio Mapping devices worn by
participants record their body's level of arousal, indicating how
individuals respond to, and interact with, their immediate environment,
while a GPS unit tracks the route they choose. Participants can take
photographs along the way. On returning to the studio, the information 
is uploaded and critically interpreted by participants to create a multi
layered response to the environment.

You can view all the collected tracks annotations and photos at
www.emotionmap.net using Google Earth. We are also producing a large 
scale printed Greenwich Emotion Map which will be launched on 30th March

For NODE.london, Independent Photography (IP) has organised two special,

one day workshops for artists and people living outside the Greenwich 
Peninsula to participate in artist Christian Nold's bio-mapping project,

Emotion Map'.

The workshops will take place at 12.00pm on Sundays 19 March and 26 
March 2006 at Independent Photography, Rothbury Hall, Mauritius Road, 
Greenwich, London SE10 0EF. People interested in joining one of the
should contact Isabel Lilly at IP: isabel {AT} independentphotography.org.uk
Tel. 0044 (0)20 8858 2825.


The Greenwich Emotion Map is part of Independent Photography's new
'Peninsula' programme of artists' commissions to engage artists and 
local residents to explore new territories, cross boundaries and make new

links and connections across the Greenwich Peninsula.  The project is a 
reflection on the social change taking place on the Greenwich Peninsula
as part of one of the largest ever regeneration projects in the UK.

For 2006 'Peninsula' is commissioning new projects with Comwifinet, 
Daniel Belasco Rogers, and Lottie Child, with an open commission
scheduled for
winter 2006/07. Alongside these is the development of wireless 
networking and access with local residents that will allow them to engage
with the commissions and wider community issues and information in a
variety of 

Greenwich Emotion Map: www.emotionmap.net
Peninsula: www.peninsulaprojects.net
Independent Photography: www.independentphotgraphy.org.uk
NODE.london www.nodel.org

Independent Photography commission's artists to work collaboratively 
with local communities on media based projects and events and is based on
Greenwich Peninsula. The 'Peninsula' programme is funded by Arts Council
England, Heritage Lottery Fund, Greenwich Council and the City Parochial

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