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<nettime-ann> [event] xxxxx program march 2006
m on Sat, 4 Mar 2006 00:21:00 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [event] xxxxx program march 2006


xxxxx march london 2006 program::

xxxxx substance and software
xxxxx final revelations for a holographic binding OS [VALIS]
xxxxx melancholia [auto] destruction and fascism
xxxxx supreme abstraction + machinic representation
xxxxx the computational revolution in art
xxxxx contemporary monadology
xxxxx the executable's song
crash the game of life and los alamos trinity site=09=09

      xxxxx part of the node.l season. xxxxx funded by Arts Council

xxxxx ap, Erich Berger, Ilze Black, Andy Bolus, Shu Lea Cheang,
Florian Cramer, Yves Degoyon, Aaron Dilloway, Valie Djordjevic, Kevin
Drumm, Leif Elggren, Farmers Manual, Takeshi Fumimoto, Olga Goriunova,
Graham Harwood, Russell Haswell, Florian Hecker, Stewart Home, Martin
Howse, Karl Heinz Jeron, Jason Kahn, Toshio Kajiwara, Jonathan Kemp,
David Larcher, Bruno Marchal, Aymeric Mansoux, Armin Medosch, Joachim
Montessuiss, Phill Niblock, Karl Pribram, Pure, Otto Roessler, Adriana
Sa, socialfiction.org, Eva Verhoeven, John Wiese

0] xxxxx/KOP/PLENUM at Limehouse Town Hall Boxing Club London March 25
7pm =
to 7am Admission by a piece of raw (meat, fish, veggie ++++++++++).
1] xxxxx at ICA London March 24 5pm to 11pm booking 0044 (0) 20 7930 3647
ntry =C2=A315,14,13
2] xxxxx23 at Limehouse Town Hall Boxing Club London March 23 11am to 8pm
re-registration =C2=A33.33
3] xxxxx on a wire at SPACE 22nd March 8pm to 11pm entry free
4] xxxxx/socialfiction.org crystalpunk workshop at studio 22 22nd March
m to 6pm entry free=20
5] Karl Pribram/WaD holographic xxxxx at SPACE 20th March 7.30pm to
 entry free
6] xxxxx A la recherche du temps perdu / In Search Of Lost Time SPACE
March 12pm to 6pm entry free
7] ap, Mongrel and friends at the JelliedEel MediaShed, Southend March
 12pm to 11pm entry free
8] From Ripper to Stripper. A Psychogeographical walk around the City and
ast End Aldgate tube station March 16th 6pm entry free


0] xxxxx/PLENUM at Limehouse Town Hall Boxing Club London March 25 7pm to

Totally expanded software exercise bike supreme workout.

Call for remote and local participation of Pders and all speculative
coders no/any SC3, OSC (bitte RSVP) with five software patches or
modules being all extensible, expandable, open to any further
interpretation. All code strategies, such as the neural, audience
simulation, timeslicing, and rabbit holing welcome.

- A plenary meeting session in 12 hours, 5 acts , 2 interludes.
- Five (expanded software acts)

a KOP + xxxxx collaboration
in association with Open Congress and Boxing Club

With an aim at developing a working module for agenda setting and
self-organisation, PLENUM further explores the tension between the
individual and the group voice, the human material and machine factor,
the coming together and the falling apart, ultimately, the potential
escalation of arguments leading to the (un)avoidable crash of
self-made social units. Hopefully, a final walk out to River Thames at
sunrise would revive the drained codes and souls.

Totally Expanded Software Exercise Bike Supreme Work Out

Five (expanded?) software acts

Software is concerned with an interface which operates in two
directions - from the realm of speculative or expanded software
(aka. the social) to the reduced yet equally effective realm of
codified software and (as output, as interference, as noise) the entry
of executed results back. A repetitive return trip. A two way street.

The code here is concerned with that which can be exchanged (or mapped
over) on this interface. On the machine side that which is knowable
for the patch - time, sound as data (amplitude and thus frequency
which then opens up to statistical analysis across various domains),
and, as we will have 8 microphones distributed in the room,
space. Simulation, and code herrings push things further.

On the other side, the human, and within a narrow context the meta, the
xxxxx/PLENUM experiment attempts a simultaneous overmapping of both
realms using operatic, logical and holographic technique dressed up in
the emperor's new clothes; the expanded software script (human)
translated into machine and meta-human-machine operation.

Software is substance. Software is script; a switch comprising one
element of the meta-CPU of the world on a wire.

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