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<nettime-ann> [event] Tarner Lectures 2006
matthew fuller on Sat, 4 Mar 2006 00:21:29 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [event] Tarner Lectures 2006


Tarner Lectures 2006
Trinity College Cambridge
Mill Lane Lecture Rooms at 5.00 pm
Everyone is welcome
Admission is free and there is no need to obtain tickets in advance

Professor Peter Galison, Harvard University
Images, Objects, and the Scientific Self

Tuesday 28 February
1. 'The Assassin of Relativity'

Monday 6 March
2. 'Picturing Objectivity'

Tuesday 7 March
3. 'Objects and the Scientific Self I: What Machines Demand of Us'

Tuesday 14 March
4. 'Objects and the Scientific Self II: Wastelands and Wilderness'

Abstract The first lecture will report on Einstein's close friendship
Friedrich Adler, an epistemologist, physicist, and activist who lived in
the same house as Einstein during a crucial part of his early career,
corresponded later with Einstein extensively--and who killed the prime
minister of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Lecture 2 tracks the notion of scientific objectivity through scientific
images of working objects--from the 18th century through to the atomic
force images of nanotechnology.

Lectures 3 and 4 take particular scientific objects (such as Norbert
Wiener's cybernetic anti-aircraft gun, the Rorschach Test, or an
crash) and uses them to ask what each presupposes about the nature of
scientific self.

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