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Site Specific                                  


Site Specific {AT} Web:


Web/site-specific project curated by Corrado Mora.

Saturday 20th May, 6 p.m. GMT +1

Web/site-specific works byi Riccardo Benassi, Alessandro Capozzo, Casaluce-Geiger [synusi {AT} virus cyborg], Fausto Gilberti e Laurina Paperina, Laura Viale, ConiglioViola, ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research, Alex Pinna, Chiara Passa.

On-line on www.sitespecific.it




IndexPage Competition 2006

Ex aequo winners

 Hans Bernhard (Übermorgen.com)                        MEZ [Mary-Anne Breeze].

 Hourable mention in  web-design

Stéphanie Boisset



Site Specific, a nonprofit organization that promotes site-specific contemporary art on the territory and on web, announces the beginning of its activity hosting inside its web-pages the collective Site Specific {AT} Web, curated by Corrado Mora with the publication of artworks expressely created for the Internet dimension.
All partecipating artists are characterized by different artistic poetries and levels of familiarity with the digital technology, and they all have created works that are able to express their vision of time and space inside the Web, according to their personal experience and sensibility.

The group exhibition was organized in two different moments linked by a virtual performance that lasted almost two months.
Site Specific {AT} Web will present unpublished web/site-specific works by: Riccardo Benassi, Alessandro Capozzo, ConiglioViola, ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research, Casaluce?Geiger [synusi {AT} virus cyborg], Fausto Gilberti, Laurina Paperina, Chiara Passa, Alex Pinna and Laura Viale.

Saturday 8th April 2006, 6 p.m., works by Riccardo Benassi, Alessandro Capozzo, Fausto Gilberti, Laurina Paperina and Laura Viale will be published on-line. In the same moment it will start Casaluce-Geiger [synusi {AT} virus cyborg] work in progress, that will last until the date of the Finissage.

Saturday 29th April 2006, 6.p.m., works by ConiglioViola, ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research, Chiara Passa and Alex Pinna will take the place of the precedent works, while Casaluce?Geiger [synusi {AT} virus cyborg]'s work in progress will continue.

Saturday 20th May 2006, 6 p.m. GMT +1, works of Site Specific {AT} Web #1 and #2 will be shown together into the Finissage with the conclusion of Casaluce?Geiger [synusi {AT} virus cyborg]'s work in progress.

On the occasion of Site Specific {AT} Web it will also announce the winners of the 2006 Edition of IndexPage Competition, the contest promoted by Site Specific and addressed to those artists and designers who were interested in re-elaborating the indexpage of the website.
A Jury composed by Tatiana Bazzichelli (an expert in hacktivism and new media art and founder of the AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artivism project), Mauro Ceolin (a multimedia artist and painter), Corrado Mora (founder of the Site Specific project), Domenico Quaranta (a curator and art critic with a particular knowledge in new media arts) and Valentina Tanni (an art critic, curator, professor, content manager and vice-director of Exibart magazine) has proclaimed as ex aequo winners of the competition'first edition: Hans Bernhard (ÜBERMORGEN.COM), with the work Psychotropic Drug Karaoke, and MEZ [Mary-Anne Breeze], with the work _ID.Xorcism_.
The artworks' publication will be in contemporary with the Site Specific {AT} Web # 1 and # 2 and it will be linked by a monographical part about the two artists, curated by the winners and the Jury.

Moreover Site Specific website will be completely redifined according to the concept of Stéphanie Boisset, a french-german webdesigner and artist, that has received the honourable mention of the IndexPage Competition 2006 for her project.


* * *


For more informations about this and other Site Specific?s projects please contact Site Specific?s team (info {AT} sitespecific.it) or the press-office of the organization (Barbara Bonafini, Francesca Vignati, press {AT} sitespecific.it).






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