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<nettime-ann> Call for applications/video
Kunstverein INGAN on Fri, 2 Jun 2006 21:47:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Call for applications/video


Call for applications

“Fresh air!”

An international video exhibition endeavoring to exchange air


Organization: Kunstverein INGAN e.V., www.ingan.gmxhome.de

Place: Berlin Mitte

Date of exhibition: 15st of September 2006 – 13th of October 2006. The exhibition will participate in the „Berliner Kunstherbst“. www.kunstherbst.de

Choice: 10 pieces not longer than 5 min. each will be chosen for the exhibition. Kunstverein INGAN e.V. will curate the exhibition out of the applications. Kunstverein INGAN e.V. members may not apply.

Entry deadline: 13st of July 2006

Contribution towards expenses: 10,- € (only for the 10 selected artists)

Concept: The concept is a themed exhibition exclusively utilizing the medium video. The title is “Fresh air!”. This positive sounding title, complete with exclamation point and quotes, has a motivating effect. It produces an implication of something new and innovative. It gives one the conceptual freedom to directly take and concentrate upon the subject of “air”. However, it also contains myriad metaphorical qualities, which can lead to very personal positions or to “take stock” of the contemporary. Also possible are reflective utilizations of the medium of video which appear to revive the seemingly rusty “Artist video” genre.

“Fresh Air!” could also be read as a cry for help. Themes of breaking up and breaking out of narrow situations of borders and space can range from psychological to architectonic questions and could signify either positive or negative visions of the future.

Presentation: A loop of all selected pieces will be mastered and transferred to DVD, which will then be projected on the display window of the showroom. It will be able to be viewed from outside every night from 8 to 11 pm. A sound system will also be installed. Inside will be a display featuring a presentation of an accompanying documentation along with artist references.

Application: Please submit one to three video pieces on CD-Rom or DVD not longer than 5 minutes. Also provide a CV and list of exhibitions. Feel free to add publication histories or internet links to support your work. Please do not forget details about your each work: title, technique, date, length and an artist statement.
We guaranty all rights regarding the protection of your intellectual property. If you submit an SASE (self addressed and stamped envelope) we will happily return your application materials to you by the end of August. We guaranty the highest level of care in the handling of application materials, but cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged property.

Address: Kunstverein INGAN e.V. c/o Andreas Greußlich, Buchholzer Str. 11, 10437 Berlin, Germany



     i.A. Andreas Greußlich




Kunstverein INGAN e.V.


Buchholzer Str. 11

10437 Berlin


E-Mail: ingan {AT} gmx.net







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