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<nettime-ann> Upgrade! Amsterdam 1.0: [Goes Live!]
nat muller on Fri, 2 Jun 2006 21:48:39 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Upgrade! Amsterdam 1.0: [Goes Live!]

[apologies for cross-posting]

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Upgrade! Amsterdam 1.0: [Goes Live!]

When: June 14 2006 || 20.30 hours ||
Where: De Melkweg, Theaterzaal, Lijnbaansgracht 234 A, Amsterdam

| free admission | | absinthe martinis | | buttons |

URL: www.melkweg.nl/upgrade

LIVE webcast: www.fabchannel.com
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| Upgrade [Goes Live!] |

At Upgrade! Amsterdam we leap into summer by pondering the notion of “live” in the context of technologised performance art. Has the advent of the laptop, and practices such as “live cinema” (realtime visual editing) and ‘live coding” (on-the-fly sound programming) created new performative paradigms? How do algorithms, the laptop and conventions of more traditional forms of improvisation sit together? An evening of sound, image and live ambience:

Artist and film curator Martijn van Boven will take us on a rollercoaster historical ride tracing the roots of live cinema back to avant-garde and abstract film. He is followed by Trace Reddell, Professor of Digital Media Studies, who will pick up where Martijn left, and perform his latest Live Cinema piece "Brink of Disaster”. Upgrade Montreal colleague Tobias c. van Veen will muse on the various paradoxes of “live performance” in laptop sound art, while all you ever wanted to know about live coding but were afraid to ask, will be exemplified by Jan-Kees van Kampen’s performance"Why is it pt.17?". The latter takes the live coding Toplap Manifesto, and reinterprets it by using a tasty collection of algorithms, inspired by Tom Johnson's Self-Similar Melodies. Last but not least, under the enjoyment of a freshly mixed absinthe martini, Tobias DJs us into the night and gets the party started.

| Tobias c. van Veen (CDN) |
Is a renegade theorist & pirate, techno-turntablist & writer (Montréal). He is Concept Engineer at SAT and and Project Lead of Sonic Scene in the Mobile Digital Commons Network. He currently hosts The Upgrade! Montreal, and is is doctoral candidate in Philosophy & Communication at McGill University.

| Trace Reddell (US) |
Is Assistant Professor of Digital Media Studies at the University of Denver, and the graduate director of the M.A. in Digital Media Studies. He has participated in global webcasting projects, and edits an ongoing thread at Electronic Book Review devoted to music/sound/noise and produce shows for Alt-X Audio.

| Martijn van Boven (NL) |
Is an artist and works as a free-lance film and video curator, focusing on avant-garde film and abstract cinema. He teaches audio-visual Design at the Art Academy of Arnhem (NL). In 2003 he co-founded the new media art centre <>TAG (The Hague).

| Jan-Kees van Kampen (NL) |
Focuses on networked performances and live composition. He plays in Powerbooks Unplugged, a 4-headed laptop band, and is part of the goto10 collective. He works as a technician for De Waag Society in Amsterdam.

Upgrade! Amsterdam is a series of gatherings for and by new media aficionados, artists, geeks, media makers and breakers, and the generally curious. Point of departure is the premise: “No upgrade without a downgrade.” Upgrade! Amsterdam is organised by Nat Muller & Lucas Evers, is actively hosted by De Melkweg, and kindly supported by VSB Fonds and Mondriaan Foundation.

Send ideas and proposals to nat {AT} xs4all.nl | lucas {AT} melkweg.nl

Upgrade! is an international, emerging network of autonomous nodes united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides. Since April 1999, a group of new media artists and curators have gathered in New York City. The first meeting took place at a bar in the east village with Tim Whidden & Mark River [MTAA], Mark Napier and Upgrade! founder Yael Kanarek.
URL: http://www.theupgrade.net/


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