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<nettime-ann> CFP: "Art in the Age of Technological Seduction" Fall issu
Legier Biederman on Fri, 7 Jul 2006 17:15:38 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> CFP: "Art in the Age of Technological Seduction" Fall issue of NMC media-N journal

MEDIA-N CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Deadline July 30, 2006

"Art in the Age of Technological Seduction"
Fall '06 issue of NMC Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus
Guest editors: Legier Biederman & Joshua Callaghan

The fall 2006 issue of Media-N, “Art in the Age of Technological Seduction,” is a collaborative platform, a diverse questioning, re- considering and re-imaging of what, when and how new media arts practice is viewed by artists, practitioners, theorists, critics and historians working in the field today. We seek a broad range of contributions discussing the scope, values, and definitions of diverse new media arts practices and hope that this issue of Media-N will be a departure as much as much as an arrival. Four general questions have been posed by the members of the new media caucus as points of entry for an engaging, vibrant discussion. The issue will be divided into two sections: The first section invites brief personal accounts and anecdotal responses addressing and/or expanding one of the four questions, and we encourage everyone to respond to this section, as we’d like to include as many responses as possible. The second section invites papers that address these questions in a more lengthy and detailed form.

Four Questions:
1. Defining and Re-imagining: What are new media arts? Is it necessary that we define new media arts? How do we begin to discuss or teach new media arts? What sets new media arts apart from other disciplines or practices, or what connects them? What's (still) new about new media or what was, if anything ever was? What defines your work as new media art and why? How do you explain new media arts to your students and colleagues? What did or currently does attract you to new media arts practices?

2. Discourses on New Media Arts: What do the discourses do to the practice? How might one describe or define the discourse/s on new media arts? How does new media arts discourse relate to new media practices? In other words, what does the discourse/s do or attempt to do to new media arts? Are theory and practice being brought together in new media arts discourse, and if not, how might we begin to do so? What do you find interesting or problematic about new media arts discourses? Do you think there is a disjuncture between new media arts practice and the discourses on it? As a new media artist, do new media arts discourses affect your practice?

3. Authorship, Relationships & Relationality: Does your work maintain a traditional relationship between the artist/author/producer and the spectator/viewer? If not, how does it transgress these boundaries? Do you feel it necessary to challenge these boundaries? Do you consider relationality, the non-hierarchical intertwining of data, artwork, artists, and viewers etc., an important aspect of your work? In what context/s is your work shown and how does effect it. How do recombinatory practices commonly found in new media such as sampling, appropriation, and mash-ups, challenge traditional author/viewer conventions? While autonomy and relationality have long lineages in art history, how do they function within new media arts practices and discourses?

4. E-litism: Technospheres and the Everyday: How do notions of location, language, identity, and cultural understandings of communication inform or effect new media practices? Who is left out of, disproportionately under-represented, in the world of new media art practices? Is, as some have argued, the openness often associated with information technologies and new media practices, paradoxically, replacing the national politics of a past with the global connectivity of cosmopolitan tourism? How does your particular specificity (sexual, gender, ethnic, racial, class) affect your practice, your work or its reception?

Event reviews: The editorial board also invites proposals for reviews of exhibitions/events/ festivals/conferences, etc.

For more information: http://www.newmediacaucus.org/media-n/call.htm
[] Send manuscripts via email to: Legier Biederman (lbiederm {AT} ucla.edu) by July 30, 2006
[] For format information see the 'Submission Guidelines' link
[] For Media-N author's agreement see 'Copyright Statement' link
[] [] Questions: contact guest editors Legier Biederman (lbiederm {AT} ucla.edu) and Joshua Callaghan (joshua {AT} joshuacallaghan.com) THANK YOU!!

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