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<nettime-ann> DANUBE TELE LECTURES: now archived!
Sabine Lindner on Fri, 13 Oct 2006 23:32:01 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> DANUBE TELE LECTURES: now archived!

Sorry for crossposting

Dear List,

We are glad to announce that the very first two Danube Tele Lectures which 
took place in September in a collaborative effort between the Center of Image Science, the Austrian Film Gallery and 
ORF are now archived.

In case you were not able to follow the international live Streaming of the lectures, 
you have now the possibility to view them online.

We will be happy to welcome you here to join us in Krems or via live streaming online for 
our upcoming Tele Lectures.

:: DANUBE TELE LECTURES at Danube University Krems ::

:: Day 1 ::
"DOES THE WEST STILL EXIST? Are There Boundaries of West, East and Far-East in the World of Images Now?"
Lectures and debate with Sarat MAHARAJ and Machiko KUSAHARA 

Hollywood, computer games, net and media art, micromovies, new devices* images are undergoing a new internationalization never known before, and are increasingly being charged as a vehicle of ideologies and worldview. Seemingly bygone clashes between image opponents and image believers are reanimated in contemporary media to include all areas of art, science, politics and economy - now on a global scale. Can we still speak of images of the west today? Do we witness the arousal of a global visual language enriched universally by the various cultures, or are we at the brink of an ?image war?, representing extremes between the old and new economic powers and their visual culture?  

:: Day 2 ::
?PYGMALION TENDENCIES: Bioart and Its Precursors?
Lectures and debate with Gunalan NADARAJAN and Jens HAUSER  

Art and the natural sciences are forming a new interconnection that is closer than in past centuries. Recent developments in art such as Bioart, Techno-art, Genetic or Transgenic Art bring artists into the scientific laboratories and carry their visions to the general public. Not only do artists work cross-pollinated, they also create new creatures, frequently revealing spectacular spaces of reflection on new possibilities. International experts discuss these tensions oscillating between body and nature on one hand and artificial life and illusion on the other - none the least, in their historical contexts.

:: The CENTER FOR IMAGE SCIENCE at Danube University Krems is an institution for innovative research and teaching on the complete range of image forms. The Center is situated in the beautiful Wachau, Austria - a UNESCO world heritage site - in the Goettweig Monastery and is housed in a fourteenth century castle. It is the base of the public documentation platforms www.virtualart.at and www.mediaarthistory.org. The Center's new low residency postgraduate master's programs in MEDIAARTHISTORIES, PHOTOGRAPHY, and IMAGE MANAGEMENT are internationally unique.

See you soon.
The Center for Image Science Team

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