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M. Bittanti, D. Quaranta (editors), GameScenes. Art in the Age of
Videogames, Milan, Johan & Levi 2006. Hardcover, 454 pages, 25 x 25 cm,
200+ hi-res illustrations, available from October 2006.

GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames is the first volume entirely
dedicated to Game Art. Edited by Matteo Bittanti and Domenico Quaranta,
GameScenes provides a detailed overview of the emerging field of Game
Art, examining the complex interaction and intersection of art and

Video and computer game technologies have opened up new possibilities
for artistic creation, distribution, and appreciation. In addition to
projects that might conventionally be described as Internet Art, Digital
Art or New Media Art, there is now a wide spectrum of work by
practitioners that crosses the boundaries between various disciplines
and practices. The common denominator is that all these practitioners
use digital games as their tools or source of inspiration to make art.
They are called Game Artists.

GameScenes explores the rapidly expanding world of Game Art in the works
of over 30 international artists. Included are several milestones in
this field, as well as some lesser known works. In addition to the
editors' critical texts, the book contains contributions from a variety
of international scholars that illustrate, explain, and contextualize
the various artifacts.

ARTISTS: AES+F, Cory Arcangel, Aram Bartholl, Dave Beck, Tobias
Bernstrup, Nick Bertke, John Paul Bichard, Marco Cadioli, Mauro Ceolin,
Brody Condon, Joseph DeLappe, Delire (Julian Oliver), Todd Deutsch,
Micah Ganske, Beate Geissler â Oliver Sann, Brent Gustafson, Jon
Haddock, Margarete Jahrmann â Max Moswitzer, JODI, Joan Leandre, Miltos
Manetas, Alison Mealey, Mark McCarthy, Shusha Niederberger, Nullpointer
(Tom Betts), Nullsleep (Jeremiah Johnson), Totto Renna, RSG (feat.
Alexander Galloway), Anne-Marie Schleiner, Eddo Stern, Palle Torsson,

AUTHORS: Matteo Bittanti, Rebecca Cannon, Pierluigi Casolari, Maia
Engeli, Henry Lowood,  Sally O'Reilly, Domenico Quaranta, Philippa
Stalker, Valentina Tanni.

Text in English and Italian.

The Publisher

Johan & Levi (http://www.johanandlevi.com/) publishes books in the
fields of science, arts, humanities, and culture.  Its rapidly expanding
catalog includes monographs on key contemporary artists.

The Editors

Matteo Bittanti's research focuses on the cultural, social, and
theoretical aspects of emerging technologies, with an emphasis on the
interrelations of popular culture, visual culture, and the arts. He
lives in San Francisco. http://www.mattscape.com/

Domenico Quaranta is an art critic, teacher and academic researcher. His
primary interests is the intersection of art and digital technologies.
His contributions on art and culture have appeared in several
publications. He lives in Brescia, Italy. http://www.domenicoquaranta.net/

Downloadable texts:

Matteo Bittanti: Game Art (Intro): www.gamescenes.org/images/GameArt_eng.pdf
Domenico Quaranta: Game Aesthetics (Outro):
Valentina Tanni: Geissler â  Sann: Shooter:

More informations:

Gamescenes.org: http://www.gamescenes.org/
Videoludica.game culture: http://www.videoludica.com/news.php?category=9


GameScapes. Videogame Landscapes and Cities in the Works of Five
International Artists
curated by Rosanna Pavoni
Monza Civic Gallery
Monza, via Camperio 1
October 13 â 29, 2006. Free Entrance
From Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00 â 13.00 and 15.00 â 19.00.
Opening: Thursday October 12 from 6:30 PM
email: salecomunali {AT} comune.monza.mi.it

The release of GameScenes coincides with the launch of GameScapes.
Videogame Landscapes and Cities in the Works of Five International
Artists, a group show featuring works by some of the most celebrated
artists working with digital games: Cory Arcangel, Mauro Ceolin, Jon
Haddock, Eddo Stern, and Carlo Zanni.

Monza, September 16, 2006 â The Civic Gallery in Monza is pleased to
present GameScapes. Videogame Landscapes and Cities in the Works of Five
International Artists. Curated by Rosanna Pavoni with the collaboration
of Matteo Bittanti and Domenico Quaranta, GameScapes investigates the
notion of digital games, spaces, and urban environments in in our
hyper-mediated age. Comprised of paintings, installations, and
projections, the exhibition space will be transformed into a real-life

Included in the exhibition are a video installation by Cory Arcangel,
Super Mario Movie (2004), a series of paintings by Mauro Ceolin from the
SolidLandscapes (2004-2006) series, Carlo Zanniâs interactive
installation Average Shoeveler (2004), Eddo Sternâs recent urban
machinima Landlord Vigilante (2006) and the entire series of Jon
Haddockâs seminal Screenshots (1999). Most of these artworks have never
been presented in Italy before.

Johan & Levi is publishing the GameScapes catalog which features new
commentary texts by Rosanna Pavoni, Matteo Bittanti, and Domenico Quaranta.

More information:

Gamescenes.org: http://www.gamescenes.org/
Videoludica.game culture: http://www.videoludica.com/news.php?category=9

Downloadable texts:

Press Release (italian only) -
Introduction by Rosanna Pavoni -
City of Bits by Domenico Quaranta (catalogue text) -
Art Gamers by Domenico Quaranta (panel) -
Videogames as a mean of transport by Matteo Bittanti (catalogue text) -

Press Office Clarart Claudia Ratti - tel 039 2721502 claudiaratti {AT} clarart.com - press {AT} clarart.com http://www.clarart.com/gamescapes.htm


Domenico Quaranta

mob. +39 340 2392478
email. qrndnc {AT} yahoo.it
home. vicolo San Giorgio 18 - 25122 brescia (BS)
web. http://www.domenicoquaranta.net/

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