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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: the language of thin
eipcp on Fri, 2 Feb 2007 18:41:37 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: the language of things


the language of things
transversal web journal

According to Walter Benjamin, the human being's relationship to things is not characterized by the relation of a being capable of language to a mute reality of objects, but rather corresponds to a relationship of media of differing density. Consequently, one of the crucial points of Benjamin's reflections is the concept of a “language of things” and the question of translating this language into that of human beings. Partly tying into this concept directly, partly in loose or implicit reference to it, this edition of the web journal investigates various aspects of these kinds of translation processes between things and humans. The articles collected here address the “magical aspects of Benjamin's theory of language and the interweaving of language, the use of things and economic, social valuations, the translations of geo-political spaces in experiences of migration, and the effects of certain communication technology things, which are found installed in our lives as immediate posts of mediality.


Kathrin Busch: The Language of Things and The Magic of Language. On Walter Benjamin’s Concept of Latent Potency
Scott Lash
: Objects that Judge: Latour’s Parliament of Things
Maurizio Lazzarato:
“Semiotic Pluralism” and the New Government of Signs
Angela Melitopoulos:
Timescapes. The Logic of the Sentence
Klaus Neundlinger:
When the Spoon Becomes a Knife. On Using Words and Things to Create Relationships

New texts in the “thematic strands“:
Manuela Bojadžijev: Does Contemporary Capitalism Need Racism?
Vera Tollmann: The Promise
Marc Hatzfeld: Babblings from France or Babel in the Île-de-France
Thomas Korschil: Will Carinthia Remain German?


translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation


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