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<nettime-ann> CODE: Call for papers & proposals
kanarinka on Wed, 7 Feb 2007 19:19:49 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> CODE: Call for papers & proposals

**CODE: Call for Papers and Proposals**
Proposal Deadline: March 15, 2007

The 21st Annual Conference of the SLSA (Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts)

-Nov. 1-4, 2007
-Portland, Maine (USA)
-Topic: CODE
-Deadline for paper and panel submissions: March 15, 2007

-Plenary Speakers: N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA; Brian Massumi, Université de Montréal

-Conference website: http://www.slsa07.com/

Biological and algorithmic, protector of secrets and porthole to mysteries, universal and singular, code is an invitation to thought. Code can be “wet” (genetic, organic, human), “dry” (digital, mathematical, logical), something in-between, neither, or both (linguistic, symbolic, religious, moral, legal). Code is the meeting ground of strange bedfellows, the cipherer and decipherer, the domain of law and its subversion, communication and privacy. Code is about patterns, sequences, systems, translations, substitutions. It can bind, trick, and free. Modern technologies are affording us more and more keys to unlock nature’s code and more opportunities to manipulate it.

**We welcome paper and panel submissions that explore any type/aspect/ nature/culture of code in any period of history. Also welcome are submissions on any aspect of science's relationship with literature and the arts, including ones presented in nontraditional formats (such as film/video, performance, music, or visual art).**

For more information, please see http://www.slsa07.com/

From the Organizer:

Artist presentations are most welcome, although they need to be part of panel and the artist is asked to discuss his or her work for about 15mins. Each panel has 3-4 presenters, who each present for about 15mins, and then there are 15 mins for Q&A. So, we would need a brief proposal (250 words) and a title from each person; or a proposal for a panel (150 words) with title: http://www.slsa07.com/ callforpapers.html ; or a completed panel (150 word description) and the names of the participants and the titles of the presentations.

We will have 3 rooms in the hotel dedicated to displaying the artworks of participants on the panels. One room will have 2D and 3D art, one will have digital art, and one will have sound art. Here's the link describing these rooms and the submission requirements: http://www.slsa07.com/artrooms.html .

We will also have a book exhibit: http://www.slsa07.com/bookexhibit.html
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