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<nettime-ann> monochrom: Premature Burial / Toronto
jg on Wed, 7 Feb 2007 19:20:20 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> monochrom: Premature Burial / Toronto


monochrom: Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities




The people present will have an opportunity to be buried alive in a coffin for fifteen minutes. Volunteers will be able to experience a semi-traumatic situation and possibly get in close contact with various gods and/or afterlives.
As a framework program there will be lectures about the history of the science of determining death and the medical cultural history of "buried alive". People buried alive not only populate the horror stories of past centuries, but also countless reports in specialized medical literature. The theme of unintentional resurrection by grave robbers also runs through forensic protocols. Even in the 19th century it was said that every tenth person was buried alive.

February 7, 2007. Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga/University Toronto, Canada.

Detailled info:

The Austrian collective monochrom invites you to be buried alive in a private graveyard at the Blackwood Gallery on Wednesday February 7, 2007 from 4:00 pm -- 6:00 pm, and again from 7:00 pm -- 9:00 pm.

    Free shuttle buses

    #1) Hart House University of Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto departing at 3:00 pm (returning at 6:00 pm)

    #2) Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto departing at 6:00 pm (returning at 9:00 pm)

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