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Juan Martín Prada on Tue, 8 May 2007 16:09:50 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> CALL FOR PAPERS AND ART PROJECTS --MEDIALABMADRID, SPAIN -- MEETING [New art dynamics in Web 2 mode]


MEETING [New art dynamics in Web 2 mode]

Meeting moderator: Juan Martín Prada

Deadline for the submission of keynotes and art projects:  June 1st 2007.

Places: Medialab Madrid, Madrid, España.

Norms of participation:

Researchers, artists, professionals, teachers or collectives interested in
participating in this meeting must send an abstract of the research or art
project (in the case of theory research, we recommend sending in the full
paper) and a brief résumé through the following application form available
at: http://www.inclusiva-net.org/

Main subject areas of the meeting:

What follows is a draft proposal of a number of high-priority subject-matter
nuclei for this meeting. Nevertheless, we will also consider projects and
research initiatives related to other subject areas proposed by the
researchers and/or artists, insofar as they pose an interesting contribution
to the subject areas engaged in this meeting.

-An analysis of the processes of transition to the so-called Web 2 and their
relationship to the development of new aesthetic and artistic phenomena. New
projects, and the current state of the research endeavour.

-Art projects as a model for alternative communication practises in the new
digital networks. New media design and new tools for community-based digital

-Artistic appropriation of online collective participation technologies.

-Subjectivity, creativity, and critical thought in the context of the new
ditigal cooperation platforms.

-The creative, social, and political dimension of the "blog" phenomenon.

-Developments in the field of "Blog-art".

-Cyberfeminist art creativity in the context of the current models of
digital participation and cooperation.

-The possibilities of Web 2 regarding the intensification of the
inter-cultural dynamics and the circulation of cultural diversity.

-The role of Web 2 in the processes of cultural globalisation.

-Educational applications and/or experiences in Web 2 oriented towards the
critical comprehension of the new aesthetic and artistic behaviours.

-New initiatives and cultural policies for the development and support of
online art creation.

More info at: http://www.inclusiva-net.org/

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