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<nettime-ann> 1º International Congress Art Tech Media 07
Chiara Passa on Tue, 8 May 2007 16:11:59 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> 1º International Congress Art Tech Media 07

1º International Congress Art Tech Media 07 Press Release

In a globalised world, dominated by communication technologies, with countless questions concerning a future that affects our everyday life, it is essential to make this analysis and to consider, from different perspectives, how our polyhedral, altered reality is being effected by the widespread use of new technology as a support for new ideas and possibilities that are almost infinite. We need to investigate how this occurs in different societies and cultures and to propose models that may go beyond what has been known until now.

The First International Art Tech Media Congress has been set up in order to reflect upon and analyse questions currently being raised about art and new technological media within an international context.

Within this context, an intensive debate needs to take place on the influence and transformations that new media is producing in art, there needs to be a greater understanding of the foundations for more effective cooperation between the different sectors linked to digital art, and proposals need to be devised for the development of national and international collaborative networks in order to improve production, research, exhibition and promotion.

Collaborators: Casa de América - Instituto Cervantes - SEACEX - AECI - Dirección Gral. Sociedad de la Información, Ministerio de Industria - Casa Asia - Canarias Crea Gobierno de Canarias - Dirección Gral. de Museos Consejería de Cultura, Junta de Andalucía - Dirección Gral. Innovación Tecnológica, Consejería de Industria Comunidad de Madrid - Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza (Milla Digital) - FECYT - Universidad Europea de Madrid - LG - Terra...

Participating: TESLA - Transmediale Berlin - V2 . Roterdam - MAXXI . Roma - Ars Electronica . Linz - CIANT . Praga - Art Council UK - Rhizome.org . New Museum New York - UCLA Design | Media Arts MIT - MADC Costa Rica - CENART México - Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires - Museo Rufino Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, México - Alta Tecnología Andina, Perú - Hangar, Barcelona – Mecad, Barcelona - MediaLab Madrid ,... así como empresas tecnológicas, universidades, artistas, asociaciones de artistas, museos, críticos, medios de comunicación y participantes Art Tech Media 06.

Media Comunication: Agencia Efe; ABCdARCO; Rhizome.org ; Nettime; DigiCult; Lamono; Mu; AITE; ASIMELEC; AVAM; Fluido Rosa Radio3; Miradas2 tve; Random, IED; LOOP; Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Madrid; Organización de Estados iberoamericanos; DFoto; UpgradeLisbon; Art Futura, MásdeArte...

Last year, Art Tech Media 06 encounters had been held at nine Spanish museums, and given the great participation and the opinions collected, its seems clear that this is an ideal time to celebrate the First International Art Tech Media Conference. It represents a great opportunity to hold a transversal debate in order to devise proposals that will lead to greater and better coordination among the different sectors of art, aimed at strengthening its development.

Art Tech Media 06 headquaters: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Unión Fenosa, Presidencia Gobierno de Canarias, Museo Domus Artium 2002, Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo Artium, Fundación BilbaoArte, Centro Párraga, Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo EsBaluard, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona.

Art Futura; Canarias Mediafest; MEM, Zemos 98; Miradas2 TVE; Fluido Rosa Radio3...and international artechmedia art call: - Video art- Net-art- 2D & 3D Computer Animation- Blog, videoblog - Creation for mobile platforms- Digital Music - Digital Communities- Geospatial storytelling - Artificial Life, Software art, Transgenic art, Generative art


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Thanks to all


Free,  only you need inscription on website: www.artechmedia.net 



P a r t i c i p a n t e s:   1º C o n g r e s o   I n t e r n a c i o n a l   A r t   T e c h   M e d i a

- Andreas Broeckmann.
  Director TESLA media>art<lab Berlin

- Alex Adriaansens.
  Director V2. Roterdam

- Anne Nigten.
  Director Lab V2. Roterdam

- Elena Rossi.
   Curator  NetSpace: Viaggio dell'arte della rete at MAXXI.
  Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Roma

- Gerfried Stocker.
  Director  Ars Electronica. Linz

- Lisa Dorin .
  Curator The Art Institute of Chicago . E.E.U.U.

- Laura Barreca.
   CuratorPan-Palazzo delle Arti Napoli and Università degli Studi della

- Nina Colosi
 Founder/curator, TheProjectRoom.org
  International arts & education program {AT} Chelsea Art Museum, New York

- Luigi Pagliarini.
  Robotic artists and  director del Peam Festival

- Pavel Smetana
  Director CIANT. Praga

- Rachel  Baker.

  Visual Arts: Media Art and Moving Image
. Art Council UK

- Rebeca Allen.

  Media Artist /Professor en UCLA Design | Media Arts ,Research Director at MIT
  Media Lab Europe in Dublin. Work with Nicholas Negroponte

- Niranjan Rajah
  Assistant Professor School of Interactive Arts and Technology Simon Fraser University

- Semi Ryu
  Assistant Professor, Kinetic Imaging School of the Arts Virginia Commonwealth University

- Zhuang Lixiao
  Consejera Asuntos Culturales. Embajada de la Republica Popular de China

- Maria José Monge Picado. 
    Adj. Director of MADC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Costa Rica. (San José)

 - Jose Carlos Mariategui.  
  Founder of Alta Tecnología Andina (ATA) in Lima, Perú.  Currently researcher  
  in technology and media at London School of Economics, UK.

- Tania Aedo.
  Director ofCentro Multimedia ofCENART (Centro Nacional de las Artes) of México

- Arcangel Constantini.

  Artist , Curator Cyberlounge Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo . Mexico city

- Tina Velho
  Artist, Coordinator ofLaboratorio de Arte e Tecnologia da Escola de
  Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

- Alberto Saraiva.

  Curator artes visuales OI FUTURO. Brasil

- Gustavo Romano.  

  Artist. Coordinator of Medialab of Centro Cultural de España
  at Buenos Aires. Director Limbo project at Museum of Modern Art. Buenos Aires

- Graciela Taquini. 

   Curator: Centro de Desarrollo Multimedia del Centro Cultural General
   San Martin  of Ministerio de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

- Mauricio Delfín. 
  Director of Realidad Visual / Gestor del Programa 
  New technologies, gestión and cultural politics in Perú

- Enrique Aguerre.  

  Coordinator : Video Department of Museum Nacional of Visual Arts in Uruguay .
  Curator  of Uruguay in Biennal of  Veneza 2007

- Nestor Olhagaray.

  Director of Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios of Chile.

- Luis Silva.

  Curador, LX 2.0,  Director The upgrade Lisbon

- Chiara Passa.
  New media artist . Roma. Italia

- Margarita Schultz. 
  Philosphy´s doctor (Aestetic). Facultad de Artes. University of Chile

  - Lauren Cornell.
  Directora RHizome.org. on line participation: New Museum New York

- Benjamin Bailey.
  Zhao, on line participation : artista multi-media e investigador multi-disciplinar . UK

Ricardo Echevarría. President of AVAM

- Eulalia Pérez. Director General of FECYT

- José Luis Brea. Principal Researcher and Coordinator of Libro blanco FECYT

- Javier Echevarría. Director Humanidades CSIC

- Marie-Claire Uberquoi. Director Museo Es Baluard

- Javier Panera. Director DA2

- Antonio Franco. Director MEIAC

- Angela Martínez. Director Audiovisuals and  Multimedia Department  of CCCB

- Nacho Ruiz.  Gallery T-20

- Ximo Lizana. Artist
- Rosina Gómez-Baeza. Director La Laboral

- Pedro Soler. Director Hangar

- Marcos M. Medialab Madrid
- Fermín Montero Gómez. Subdirector General of  Technological Innovation and  y Information Society . Comunidad Madrid
- Vicente Matallana. Director La Agencia
- Marta Rupérez. FACT Liverpool

- Luis Prieto. Sudirector Information Society. Miniterio de Cultura
- Alejandro Sacristán. Consultor Edutainment and Marketing. Silicon Artists. Director Impact 4D
- Marcel.lí Antúnez . Artist
- Anna María Guasch. Art critic , University of Barcelona
- Francisco Serrano. Director Foundation Telefonica  

- Menene Gras. Director Exhibitions Casa Asia
- Roberta Bosco. New media journalist . CiberPaís
- Sergio Calvo Fernández. Decano Faculty of Comunication. European University of Madrid
- Claudia Gianetti. Theoric, art writer and curator media art.
- Montxo Algora. Director Art Futura
- ...others

::::::::: Dulce Xerach

[Viceconsejera de Cultura del Gobierno de Canarias]

::::::::: Rosina Gómez-Baeza

[Directora La Laboral y exDirectora Feria de Arte Contemporáneo ARCO]

::::::::: Angela Martínez

[Directora Departamento de Audiovisuales CCCB]

::::::::: Javier Panera

[Coordinador Museo DA2. Salamanca]

::::::::: Menene Gras

[Directora Exposiciones Casa Asia]

::::::::: Sergio Morales

[Coordinador Espacio Digital Gran Canaria y Canarias Mediafest]

::::::::: Vicente Matallana

[Director de La Agencia]

::::::::: Nuria Fernández

[Directora Galería de Arte Espacio Líquido]

::::::::: Roberta Bosco

[Periodista especializada en New Media]

::::::::: Carmen Rivera

[Directora Museo MACUF]

::::::::: Laura Fernández

[Subdirectora Museo Artium]

::::::::: Pablo Berástegui

[Director PhotoEspaña]

::::::::: Juan Romero

[Investigador Arte Artificial. Lab RNasa]

::::::::: Olga Osorio


::::::::: Antonio Sanjuan

[Decano Facultad de Comunicación Univ. A Coruña]

::::::::: Lola Dopico

[Directora Grupo de investigación Tracker. Lab Visual]

::::::::: Younes Bachir

[Ayte. Dirección La Fura dels Baus]

::::::::: Miguel Rubio

[Desarrollador tecnológico de Marcel.lí Antúnez]

::::::::: Marisa González


::::::::: Daniel Castillejo

[Conservador Jefe Colección Museo ARTIUM]

::::::::: Beatriz Herráez

[Crítica de arte]

::::::::: Pilar Albarracín


::::::::: Carlos T. Mori

[Director 1º Festival Internacional de Vídeo de Gijón]

::::::::: Natxo Rodriguez

[Fundación Rodríguez]

::::::::: Nekane Aramburu

[Comisaria y Directora Generación Digital]

::::::::: Soledad Lorenzo


::::::::: José Luis de Vicente

[Comisario Art futura, Sonar, Off...]

::::::::: Jaime del Val


::::::::: Maria José Martínez y Francisco San Martín

[Laboratorio de Luz U. BBAA Valencia]

::::::::: Antonio Franco

[Director del MEIAC]

::::::::: Alejandro Sacristán

[Silicon Artists]

::::::::: Marcel.lí Antúnez


::::::::: Mara Mira [Directora del Centro Párraga]

::::::::: Txema Agiriano

[Festival MEM]

::::::::: Rosa Sánchez y Alain Baumann

[Konic Th [Artistas]

::::::::: Peter Bosch

[Artista con Simone Simons]

::::::::: Clara Alba y Andrea García

[Revista tecnológica A Mínima]

::::::::: Colectivo El Perro


::::::::: Pere Soldevilla

[Galeria Metropolitana]

::::::::: Rubén Díaz

[Zemos 98]

::::::::: Ximo Lizana


::::::::: Enrique Miñano

[Director Art-tv. Festival de Cine de Málaga]

::::::::: Carlos Belmonte

[Productora Acción Visual]

::::::::: Javier Riaño

[Director de BilbaoArte]

::::::::: Santiago Eraso

[Director Arteleku]

::::::::: Philippe Domínguez


::::::::: Pedro Medina

[Crítico de arte]

::::::::: Pablo de Soto


::::::::: Maria Pérez


::::::::: Javier Candeira

[Barra punto]

::::::::: Roberto Aguirrezabala


::::::::: Laura Baigorri

[Interzona / Lourdes Cilleruelo
, Especialista net art]

::::::::: Iñaki Estella

[Crítico de arte y escritor]

::::::::: Pedro Soler

[Director Hangar]

::::::::: José Luis Brea

[Crítico de Arte]

::::::::: Angela Molina

[Directora Cyberart y Curator New Media]


Natalia Rojas [Coordinadora proyectos interactivos 9ZEROS, coDirectora Cuatic]

::::::::: Agustín Pérez Rubio

[Conservador Jefe MUSAC]

::::::::: Georgina Cisquella

[Directora Miradas2. Tve]

::::::::: Margarita de Aizpuru

[Comisaria y Crítica de Arte]

::::::::: Tomás Delclós

[Director Ciberpaís]

::::::::: Carolina Martínez

[Responsable Fundación Ordoñez y Comisaria]

::::::::: Marie-Claire Uberquoi

[Directora EsBaluard]

::::::::: Vivianne Loría [Jefe de Redacción Revista Lápiz]

::::::::: Carlos Padrissa

[Co-Director de La Fura dels Baus]

::::::::: Bani [Director D-I-N-A]

::::::::: Ignasi Labastida

[Creative Commons]

::::::::: Pedro A. Cruz

[Director CENDEAC]

::::::::: Mia Makela


::::::::: Karin Ohlenschlägen

[Comisaria y exDirectora MediaLab Madrid)

::::::::: Soledad Sevilla


::::::::: Daniel García Andújar


::::::::: José Ramón Alcalá

[Director MIDE]

::::::::: Ulises Pistolo Eliza


::::::::: Julián Alvarez

[Director Area Audiovisual IDEP)

::::::::: Berta Sichel

[Directora Dpto. Audiovisuales MNCARS]

::::::::: Helena Fernandino y Emilio Pi


::::::::: Anna María Guasch

[Crítica de arte y Universidad]

::::::::: Pepe Cobo


::::::::: Carlos Durán

[Galerista y coDirector Loop]

::::::::: Angela Molina Climent

[Crítica de Arte]

::::::::: Pedro Ortuño


::::::::: Antoni Mercader

[Comisario y Crítico de Arte]

::::::::: Lourdes Fernández

[Directora Feria ARCO]

::::::::: Claudia Giannetti

[ExDirectora MECAD]

::::::::: Montse Arbelo y Joseba Franco

[Artistas y Directores ART TECH MEDIA]



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