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<nettime-ann> darkmatter - new independent online journal
Ashwani Sharma on Fri, 18 May 2007 19:17:37 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> darkmatter - new independent online journal

apologies for x-posting. please distribute:

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new independent online

darkmatter  <www.darkmatter101.org  <http://www.darkmatter101.org/> > read
more.... <http://www.darkmatter101.org/site/about/>

The first themed dialogues present a set of reflective commentaries on the
turbulent events surrounding the UK Reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother 07
. Collectively the dialogues begin to map the complexity of race and media
culture in our globalised digital world.
Editorial: Celebrity Big Brother dialogues - the global pantomime of race

Further Journal highlights include: Paul Gilroy in conversation
<http://www.darkmatter101.org/site/2007/05/07/paul-gilroy-in-conversation/ >
with Max Farrar; a round-table discussion on transnational feminism and
m/> with scholars from the US and Europe including Gargi Bhattacharya;
Inderpal Grewal; Ronit Lentin and Jasbir Kaur Puar; a poetic filmic mediation
on the Coventry Ritz Cinema
< http://www.darkmatter101.org/site/2007/03/12/coventry-ritz-cinema/>  by
Nirmal Puwar; a review essay on the film Crash
<http://www.darkmatter101.org/site/2007/05/07/crash-and-the-city/ >  by Paul
Gormley; a review of Yinka Shonibare at the Musee de Quai Branly
-quai-branly/>  in Paris by Sara Wajid.

Future themed issues: Race and Materialism; Desiring Otherness -
Psychoanalysis and Alterity

the Commons < http://www.darkmatter101.org/site/commons/>  includes insightful
interventions on contemporary culture and global politics -  don't miss Ben
Pitcher's posts on the troubled politics of whiteness; or the exiled
Londoner, Ko Banerjea's 'Lynch-esque' dispatches on the traumas of everyday
living in LA.

darkmatter editors (ash sharma and sanjay sharma)
www.darkmatter101.org  <http://www.darkmatter101.org/>

darkmatter journal is committed to producing incisive post-colonial cultural
critique. We are interested in interrogating contested issues of
multiculture, while eschewing current orthodoxies. darkmatter seeks to
promote critical knowledge production from a range of contributors exploring
the politics of everyday life.
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