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<nettime-ann> Manchester : Peripheral premiers at Manchester Internation
Drew Hemment on Mon, 2 Jul 2007 22:26:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Manchester : Peripheral premiers at Manchester International Festival


Manchester : Peripheral premiers at Manchester International Festival
29 June - 29 July 2007

Project website:

Manchester : Peripheral is a networked installation which remixes and replays music, voices and ambient sound recorded in Moss Side, Levenshulme and Ancoats & Clayton. Driven in real-time by votes from special control kiosks in each ward, Manchester : Peripheral uses digital media to create a continually evolving soundscape, plotting a new relationship between the city centre and its surrounding areas.

Manchester : Peripheral is the latest work by The Folk Songs Project, curated by Drew Hemment, Director of Futuresonic. Futuresonic has been commissioned by Manchester International Festival to present the project as a part of Manchester Firsts.

For one month from June 29th, Kro Bar and Piccadilly Gardens are hosting Manchester : Peripheral, a celebration of the creative energies that thrive and struggle outside the boundaries of the city centre. Kashmiri singers, dubstep, the sounds of steel works and cars on the Stockport Road. This is a folk music of constant change. This is a city of a thousand centres.

As cities change, things get left behind. Things get forgotten. In Manchester, urban redevelopment has left many communities and cultures ignored or excluded - communities that are central to the city’s history and its continued vitality.

Manchester : Peripheral can be seen at
Kro Piccadilly and around Piccadilly Gardens
29 June - 29 July 2007
Sun - Thurs: 8am - midnight, Fri - Sat: 8am - 8.30pm

For more information and to play with our sound map of Manchester visit

Read about Manchester : Peripheral in Art Fairs International magazine

For further information on Futuresonic, Manchester’s urban festival of
art, music and ideas, please visit http://www.futuresonic.com

For further information on Manchester International Festival, the world’s first international festival of original, new work, please visit http://www.manchesterinternationalfestival.com

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