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<nettime-ann> Call for Papers: FLOSS+Art
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<nettime-ann> Call for Papers: FLOSS+Art

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Call for Papers
Deadline: September 15th 2007

people.makeart is a new project by GOTO10.

It is a repository of articles and lecture materials focused on the 
relationship between FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) and 
digital arts, as well as a database of free digital art projects.

The selected papers will be published on the people.makeart website and
will be printed in the FLOSS+Art book, scheduled for spring 2008, using 
OpenMute's POD publishing service.

GOTO10 is now accepting new, old and recycled papers on the following

- opening digital art's practice, code and culture
- FLOSS communities VS. art collectives
- digital art licensing, copying and distributing, using open content
- role of the artist in FLOSS development
- influence of FLOSS on digital art practices
- free software to produce art and the art of producing free software
- economy of an open digital artwork
- FLOSS as an embedded political message in digital art
- paradox and limitations of open licenses for digital art
- FLOSS as a way to quote and embed other artworks in a new one
- digital artist as a FLOSS developer/user and vice-versa
- definitions and manifestos for a free software art
- branching and forking of an open digital artwork
- opening digital art to ensure future maintainance and porting

Submission Procedures: 

- Submit your final paper to pmafloss-at-goto10-dot-org
  no later than September 15th, 2007. Include the text "FLOSS+Art"
  followed by your paper's title in your e-mail subject line.
- Submit as many papers as you want, one mail submission for each.
- Accepted formats : plaintext, LaTeX, OpenDocument
  No other file format will be accepted.
- The paper must be attached to the mail, do not send us links
- The submitted paper must be written in English
- Paper must be 1500 words minimum

More information: http://people.makeart.goto10.org/


The FLOSS+Art POD publishing is a collaboration between GOTO10 and
the Digital Research Unit of the University of Huddersfield,
with commissions and contributions from various organisations and
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