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<nettime-ann> Zooart 2007 invite
oliverodomenico on Mon, 2 Jul 2007 22:33:23 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Zooart 2007 invite


Zooart 2007 In Cuneo (Italy), in Corso Giovanni XXIII appointment with contemporary art

Title of the artshow: Zooart curated by Paola Giuggia, Ornella Calvetti and Paolo Sasia
Opening: on Thursday July 5th 2007, from 9 pm at the Giardini Fresia Corso Giovanni XXIII, Cuneo (Italy)
Time : from July 5th to 22nd , Thu ? Sun, 9 ? 12 pm

Free entrance.

Since 2002, Zooart has grown into an important cultural event in North Italy.

Situated in the old Giardini Fresia in central Cuneo, it is a unique artistic event.

For three weeks, from Thursday to Sunday, over thirty artists are presenting their work.
This year a selection of artists from different regions of Italy, France, Swisserland and Japan will present work specially created for this particular location.

On this occasion a new approach will be on display called ?Manifestazoone?; fifteen posters placed in the main streets near the centre.

The opening will be on the 5th July 2007, starting at 9 pm, with artistic performances and live music.

List of artists:
5-8/07/07 Laura Ambrosi, Hiroaki Asahara, Alessandra Baldoni, Marie Paul Bilger, Stefania Bona, Michele Cantamessa, Maristella Colombo, Federico Fernicola, Sato Kimitake, Alessandro Paseri, Portage (Enrico Gaido + Alessandra Lappano), Pinuccio Revello, Amelia Valletta, nella serata inaugurale di giovedì performance di Giuliana Garavini.

12-15/07/07: Valeria Baggiani, Maria Chiara Cardini, Roberto Cavallera, Silvia Colombo, Graziano Folletto, Raffaele De Martino (ZUD), Veronique Pozzi + Attilio Tono, Natalia Saurin, Stefano Venezia, Cecilia Vigano, Bertrand, Massimo Premuda, Viola Virdis, nella serata inaugurale di giovedì performance di Cristiana Celadon + Valentina Veratrini,

19-22/07/07: Riccardo Del Conte, Roberta Conti, Eliana Debora Langiu, Erica Latini, Marco Furlani+ Eleonora Magnani, Dado Miola, Leonardo Onetti Muda, Renzi e Lucia, Daniel Ruggero, Daniela Simoncini + Pasquale Tangi, Monica Taverniti, Alessandro Grosso, Ottavia Perosino, Silvia A. Perosino, Angelo Volpe.

Free entrance
The art show is made possible thanks to the sponsorship and support of Regione Piemonte, Comune di Cuneo, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, Collezione La Gaia, Zoobeach.

Photo will be sent upon request.

Title of the expo : Zooart
Artists participating : the selection will be make the 5 of June.
Place of expo: Giardini Fresia Corso Giovanni XXIII, - 12100 Cuneo Italy
Opening : Thursday 5th July 2007  9 pm
Timetable : from July 5th to 22nd ,July 2007
Schedule: from the Thursday to Sunday ? 9 to 24 pm .
Press conference: July 5 at 8 pm
Entry is free.

For all contacts and information:
Associazione Thees - Michela Giuggia
 cell. +39 3396908997 / +39 3356920196
 e-mail: pqemi {AT} tiscali.it;
 fax 0171689960

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