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<nettime-ann> gray) (area . Korcula ::: Slaven Tolj: Globalisation
darko fritz on Mon, 16 Jul 2007 22:35:02 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> gray) (area . Korcula ::: Slaven Tolj: Globalisation

gray) (area

space of contemporary and media art . Korcula . Croatia

presents . Slaven Tolj: Globalization

. 13 - 20 . 07 . 2007
. opening . performance Lighter . artist talk . Friday 13th . 20.30 h

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gray) (area is an low-key independent non-profit non-institution that operates during lazy summer time within gray area of friendships and vacations and cultural funding / production / distribution.

gray) (area presents works of contemporary and media art with focus on ones that fills the gap between those two art-worlds and discourses. preferable are programs that shifts the media and skipping the frame of simple definitions and interpretations.

gray) (area operates form the city of Korcula at Korcula island in Croatia, enjoying the free position of the cultural periphery and challenge of no context of neither contemporary nor media art within the close neighborhood. Periphery provides freedom of established cultural power-games, predictable fashionable key-words and double criteria [that depend on geo-political position of the art-producer] and other positions of predictable artist reputation's building system of cultural industry - what's all about within contemporary art scene, and become present even within the small media art culture circles.

gray) (area is protocol between a white cube and a black box.
gray) (area like it small and good and take-it-easy and don't wont to grow.
gray) (area is sensing creative economy of 21st Century in error.
gray) (area is hub of gray economy.
gray) (area is dead-end backbone of social not.work of contemporary cultural politics.
gray) (area is operating system of no.work.
gray) (area prefers diving in a crystal blue sea than silicon one.
gray) (area prefers periphery than center.
gray) (area like speaking Bad english.

Program 2007:
_ Slaven Tolj (CRO): Globalization + Lighter (performance)
_ Radioqalia (Adam Hyde, Honnor Hager, New Zeland): Radioastronomy
_ Changing Climate [video art from Central Asia] . curator: Stefan Rusu (Moldavia / Romania) . artists: Abilsait Atabekov (Kazakhstan) Veaceslav Ahunov, (Uzbekistan), Ulan Djaparov, Alexandr Ugay (Kazakhstan)
_ PRO.BA production (Center for contemporary art, Sarajevo) video (post)production . selector: Dunja BlaÅeviÄ
_ JoÅko BaÄe (CRO): site-specific installation
_ Goran Trbuljak (CRO): intervention in the urban space

ad hoc / gray maybe program: Alban Muja (AL) and Ivan Grubanov (SER) presented by Ana Peraica (CRO)

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gray) (area is located 10 meters by the sea in the basement of The Memorial Collection of Maksimilijan Vanka [http://www.hazu.hr/ENG/ MemColl_M_Vanka.html] . Put sv. Nikole 7 . Korcula

open daily 19. 30 - 21.30 h or by appointment

gray) (area is summer only initiative of Darko Fritz darko {AT} darkofritz.net / tel +31 [0] 91.5800193

program of the previous, first season 2006: Lala RaÅÄiÄ (Sarajevo â Zagreb): 'Sorry, Wrong Number', Boris CvjetanoviÄ (Zagreb): âFotovideoâ, Ivan Faktor (Osijek): âÅeljko Jerman â Moj mjesecâ i Tomo SaviÄ-Gecan (Zagreb - Amsterdam): without title (in collaboration with SKOR, De Inkijk (Amsterdam) and UHA, Zagreb).

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Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_area)

A grey area is a term for a border in-between two or more things that is unclearly defined, a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define, or a definition where the distinction border tends to move. There are several flavors of grey areas:

â A grey area of definitions signifies a problem of sorting reality into clearly cut categories. Example: where is the border between erotica and pornography?

â A grey area of law is an area where no clear law or precedent exists, or where the law has not been applied in a long time thus making it unclear if it is applicable at all.

â A grey area of ethics signifies an ethical dilemma, where the border between right and wrong is blurred. Example: is killing always abominable?

Grey areas are widely accepted in democratic societies and have a clear connection to the notion of tolerance, whereas in societies of totalitarianism, grey areas are typically not accepted on any level.

Many people accept grey areas as a natural part of the human experience, whereas others may react with suspicion and a feeling of deficients or incompleteness of any thought-system (or paradigm) accepting grey areas.

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