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<nettime-ann> CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Political Remix Videos (24/7 {AT} USC)
Charlene Boehne on Mon, 16 Jul 2007 22:40:31 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Political Remix Videos (24/7 {AT} USC)

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (Political Remix Videos)

24/7: DIY Video Summit
University of Southern California (USC)

Entry Deadline: September 15, 2007 (+ earlier!!)

This three-day event in February 2008 will bring together DIY video
creators, activists, policy makers, internet companies, and scholars to
celebrate new forms of creative practice.  During the event, we will
showcase new genres of DIY media, including political remix videos.

Political remix videos are critical or satirical media works focussing on
political, social or cultural topics (such as race, class and gender)
created by remixing footage from movies, TV shows, commercials and/or
broadcast news.  Because political remix videos are critical commentaries,
they commonly rely on fair use and the First Amendment, and creators do
not ask for permission to remix works.

We are looking for innovative and interesting work that represents the
best current offerings (made in 2006-2007) or is of historical
significance to political remix practice.

A competitive selection process will be conducted by a diverse team of
creator/curators.  Selected Festival works will be featured in large-scale
screenings at USC campus venues, on kiosks and via links on the 24/7 site.

We will primarily screen shorter works (5-15 minutes) and excerpts from
longer works.

Please submit your entry online at:


For consideration, works should be currently streaming on a public site
(youtube, google, yahoo, myspace, etc.) or on your own website.  If the
work was removed from the web, please note that in the comments section of
the online entry form.

There is no entry fee to submit work.

Contact curator Jonathan McIntosh with questions at jonnymcitntosh {AT} gmail.com

Watch political remix video: http://politicalremix.wordpress.com/

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