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<nettime-ann> Alan Sondheim - New from Linguablanca (fwd)
Alan Sondheim on Mon, 16 Jul 2007 22:39:21 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Alan Sondheim - New from Linguablanca (fwd)


From: J. Lehmus <jlehmus {AT} SDF-EU.ORG> Subject: Alan Sondheim - New from Linguablanca



Alan Sondheim: Philosophy

  'How to begin philosophy, how to begin the process of philosophizing,
  an activity, a form of labor, the philosopher and the production.
  Whether the philosophy is cast asunder, whether it is interpretable,
  that is, translatable; whether it remains intrinsic to the act of
  philosophizing, therefore bound. If bound, whether it is of the
  substance or thing or continuity of its creation, or whether it is of
  some other substance, some other, cast asunder; whether the
  production is one with its production; whether the producer is one
  with the production. Here beginning without return, without recourse
  to the return, beginning in the sense of an act of writing
  designating this particular production which is named "Philosophy."'

Alan Sondheim's books include the anthology Being on Line: Net Subjectivity, Disorders of the Real, .echo, Vel, Sophia, Orders of the Real, and The Wayward as well as numerous other chapbooks, ebooks, and articles. His video and film have been internationally shown. Sondheim co-moderates several pioneering email lists, including Cybermind, Cyberculture and Wryting. Since January, 1994, he has been working on an "Internet Text," a continuous meditation on philosophy, psychology, language, body, and virtuality.

Sondheim's work is trans-media; his emphasis is on writing, theory, and
digital performance.

Linguablanca Chapbook Number 18

PURL http://purl.org/NET/isbn9789525256062
ISBN 978-952-5256-06-2 (PDF)
24 pp. 21 cm

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jlehmus {AT} sdf-eu.org

July 14, 2007

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