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<nettime-ann> Turbulence Spotlight: "Tulsita" by the Wa-KOW! Collective
Turbulence on Sat, 19 Jan 2008 16:54:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Turbulence Spotlight: "Tulsita" by the Wa-KOW! Collective

Turbulence Spotlight: "Tulsita" by the Wa-KOW! Collective
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The Wa-KOW! Collective was founded on the idea that the distinctions between
artistic media are problematic and productive rather than essential. Their
primary goal is to find ways to blur those boundaries. The group--made up of
poets, musicians, and photographers--works in and around the borders between
text, sound, and image, exploring the relations between the three media and
the nature of each type of media. Their artistic process evolved through
organic collaboration. They visited specific sites in Tulsa and collected
raw materials through writing, audio recording, and photography. The group
then altered, edited, and arranged these materials, meanwhile incorporating
samples from songs, films, texts and images related to Tulsa. The result of
this collaboration is "Tulsita," an online flash-based environment that
explores the cultural, ethical, and aesthetic experiences they have had
living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


NATHAN HALVERSON works with found, sampled and original audio using various
methods and processes to produce new sounds. His work combines elements of
film, literature and popular culture which he uses to investigate the
boundaries that divide and connect various media, their reception and our
perception of them. A CD of his work, Nurse Shark, was released in September
2007 on the Peapod label.

G. MATTHEW JENKINS teaches poetry and writing at The University of Tulsa.
His writing explores the visual form of language and the page as a unit of
measure. He has worked with several visual artists, including painter Sheila
Giolitti. Their collaborations appeared at the Old Dominion University
Literary Festival and at the Hampton University Museum.  Flash has become
his latest poetic medium.

DAVID GOLDSTEIN teaches creative writing and Renaissance literature at York
University. He is the author of the poetry chapbook Been Raw Diction
(Dusie), and his poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous journals,
including The Paris Review, Jubilat, Typo, Pinstripe Fedora, Alice Blue
Review, and Epoch.

MINDY STRICKE is a photographer, artist and entrepreneur whose photographs
have been exhibited throughout the US and Canada, most recently at the
Safe-T Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Her portraits and other work have been
featured in national and international publications including the New York
Times, Time, Time Out New York, Newsweek, PDNedu and Voce. In 2008 her work
will be seen in Click! Photography Changes Everything, an exhibit curated by
the Smithsonian Photography Initiative.

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