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<nettime-ann> "speaking at wall" OUT NOW !
Chiara Passa on Sat, 23 Feb 2008 21:04:51 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> "speaking at wall" OUT NOW !

Dearez, I'm glad to inform you the interactive video installation
"speaking at wall" is out now.

Movies at:http://www.chiarapassa.it/speakingatwall.html

Images at: http://www.chiarapassa.it/speakingat.html

"Speaking at the wall" interactive video installation time var. 2008

by Chiara Passa

This interactive video installation synthesises the voice into virtual
architecture. The spectator's voice is recorded from a microphone and
live time audio-video processed through the software Quartz Composer.
 "Speaking at the wall" develops itself on two walls and the floor.
The three screenings around the corner of the three Cartesian axes
reconstructs one central illusory perspective.
While the spectator is inside the room and speaks close to the walls,
he modifies with his voice (volume and spectrum) the whole environment
around him. The words he pronounces draw a new atmosphere... a virtual
desert. In this illusory dimension, infinite lines generating
emptiness and distances are 'attracted' and skim one with the others,
The projections reconstruct the scene of a 3-D software grid as a
virtual extension in motion

of the architectonic space (like an animated "tromp l'eoil" on the 'Z'
raw co-ordinate). The environments in motion crossing the spectator
lead it to an 'unfinished space'. So the spectator is forced to
confront himself with another atmosphere, a new 'digital-where'. This
dimension is by now ours, is the fourth dimension. "Speaking at the
wall" is a virtual opening never averred, it is a process in constant
transformation and therefore it doesn't characterize any specific
A performance idea is the base of this artwork. Watching "Speaking at
the wall " the spectator will see a place that moves naturally beyond
its functionality. Therefore the term "Super-place" (I had invented)
can be attributed to this video installation. Exactly the contrary
happens in the 'no-where' in which static presences have only the
function to receive temporarily.
 "Speaking at the wall" probes the notion of space or  better  of
place  in order to search new possibility and  dimensions which the
digital world, not so much separated from the real one, offers.  In
fact, in this installation the space is meant as the pure shape of

This three-dimensional interactive installation constructs a sort of
virtual architectures and territories that elude the corporeal limits.
The synthetic shape becomes design, structure, architecture and truth.
If the space is the extension in all the directions by our intuitions
of the real world  in which  material bodies are placed, "Speaking at
the wall"  wants to expand these possibilities of perception.

 Best regards, Chiara

Chiara Passa
chiarapassa {AT} gmail.com
Skype: ideasonair
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