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<nettime-ann> Summer workshops
Doug Rosenberg on Sat, 23 Feb 2008 21:04:53 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Summer workshops

Sorry for any duplicate mailings:

Announcing two summer retreats/workshops:

Hello all,
I am happy to announce Summerwork {AT} The Farm 4, August 4-August 9th, 2008.  Please see attached for description and info. Also see our new website designed by Andy Dayton at:

Summerwork {AT} The Farm is a fluid, process oriented retreat/workspace that is open to anyone wishing to participate in a focused, reflective and supportive creative environment in rural Wisconsin.  It is a non-genre specific working environment in which there are no hard and fast boundaries, rather, porous membranes of artistic practice that welcome overlap and stresses mentoring and collaboration. It is about creating a friendly, supportive community in which participants have the opportunity to interact with other artists, try out new ideas, share their work and ideas with others and cook and eat long artful meals together from an organic garden.  Essentially, it is a retreat that offers creative time without expectations, within an intentional community of (usually) 10-12 artists of all disciplines who come from around the states and internationally as well. Each day begins with a yoga class and the day progresses very organically from there, with mentoring sessions, movemen
t, sessions, work time, etc. We stress art as practice and life as practice.

Please see our website for more info.  Feel free to contact Douglas Rosenberg at:
rosend {AT} education.wisc.edu

Screendance {AT} The Farm
August 11-16, 2008

Douglas Rosenberg, Li Chiao-Ping and guest artist, Dianne Reid, Australian video dance maker, teacher and theorist.

Screendance  {AT} The Farm is a week-long workshop and retreat in rural Wisconsin focusing on both practice and theory.  It is intended for professional and/or advanced practitioners in the field. This is a unique opportunity to combine research and practice along with discussions about the theory of screendance as an art form in a working studio set on 5 acres in the beautiful countryside outside of Madison, Wisconsin.  Participants will be mentored in all areas of practice including choreography for the camera, production, applied writing and the practicalities of distribution and exhibition.  This is a wholistic approach to the form that includes shared collaborative meals from The Farm’s organic garden and a creative community approach to art-making in general. Each day will begin with a movement session and end with a community dinner.

The facilities at The Farm include a large dance studio, art studio with woodshop and video editing work-space.  It is set in a landscape of rolling hills and farmland with lakes and forests nearby.  

The cost for the workshop is $300 per person and includes communal meals.  We can only accept a maximum of ten participants.  Lodging is your choice:  you may camp on the property or sleep in the studio where there is plenty of space and a bathroom and shower.  You are also welcome to stay in town in a nearby hotel if you should choose to do so.

Please email Douglas Rosenberg at rosend {AT} education.wisc.edu for more info.

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