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<nettime-ann> SPSound Tonight | My Ultradeep I + Program week 6
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<nettime-ann> SPSound Tonight | My Ultradeep I + Program week 6

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SPSound | Tonight

My Ultradeep I
Wednesday 4 February, 21.00 hrs
Location: Auditorium - Level 1
Admission: 7,50 euro
Bakin Zub presents two exclusive performances of ''My Ultradeep I'' (2006/07) by Marko Ciciliani

Marko Ciciliani?s multimedia composition ''My Ultradeep I'' playfully explores the question of what Individuality is.

''I think, therefore I am'' is a core sentence of Descarte?s philosophy. He places the identity of the ''self'' into the spiritual realm, detatched from the body. However, it is the physical human senses that are forming the interface between the individual and the outside world and enable us to relate to our environment.

Marko Ciciliani?s multimedia composition ''My Ultradeep I'' takes a view on the five human senses: Skin, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Sight, and eventually embarks on an encounter with the ficticious 6th sense as the metaphysical sense of the ''I''.
A specially developed light composition works complimentary with the music. It includes as light objects three tent-like sculptures that were developed as a stage design by artist Kyoko Inatome. www.ciciliani.com

The ensemble Bakin Zub combines five highly profiled musicians coming from various backgrounds, which allows a rich palette of sounds ranging from timbres of chamber music all the way to the colors of pop and electronic noise.

Bakin Zub had its first public appearance in the renowned ''Night of the Unexpected'' as part of the Gaudeamus Music Week 2006 in Amsterdam.

The press described it as the ''most startling event'' amongst the various performances that night. More concerts followed, a.o. at the Zagreb Biennale and the Live Electronics Festival in Amsterdam. More recently, Bakin Zub has premiered another evening-length work titled "Jeanne of the Dark" at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. "Jeanne of the Dark" was in part composed in collaboration by Marko Ciciliani and Terre Thaemlitz.www.myspace.com/bakinzub

Bakin Zub:
Barbara Lüneburg - electric violin, viola
Michael Blank - electric guitar
Patricio Wang - bass guitar
Arnold Marinissen - percussion, singing saw, voice
Marko Ciciliani - electronics, light design

''My Ultradeep I'' is a production by Stichting Barooni and was made possible by financial support of the Fonds voor de Amateur en Podiumkunsten, Buma Fonds and Fonds voor de scheppende Toonkunst.
dir. Alexander Payne (USA, 2004, 126 mins)
Wednesday 04 February 2009, 19.45 hrs
Friends Jack and Miles take off on a final road trip to California's wine country the week prior to Jack's wedding. Both men have goals for the vacation - Miles wants to turn Jack on to the art of wine tasting, while Jack is concerned with exploiting his last days as a bachelor - but when the two men come across two fascinating women the duo is forced to examine their morality, and if maturity isn't such a depressing prospect. A multi-prized (including an Oscar for the best script), witty and delightful comedy about life, love and wine.
This is a gastronomic film experience and part of our new series of old and modern classics that are shown every Wednesday over dinner.
The menu of the evening is directly inspired by the film. Price for Dinner & Film: 27,50 euro.
Please reserve your ticket at Lab111 Restaurant ? Tel. 020 61 69 994


N.B. Only 30 tickets available!

Eat Concrete Bassfudge Powerscones Tour
Thursday 5 February, 21.00 hrs
Location: Auditorium - Level 1
Admission: 7 euro

Celebrating the upcoming release of our tenth record we give you the Eat Concrete Bassfudge Powerscones Tour!Bear with us as we travel across the land spreading the Bassfudge Vibe!

Supporting the good cause on stage will be : Hermutt Lobby (LIVE), Blipvert (LIVE), Pete Concrete (DJ set), Evan Odd (DJ set), Vervue (visuals).
Hailing from the notorious 4800, the Herrmutt Lobby comprises "nerds extraordinaire" Kadah Vresky, Back & Forth, scratch composer Dj Swiffer of the Fistfucking crew and whoever else happens to drop by.


Individually they've already delivered several releases. Kadah Vresky released their debut LP on DUB in 2002,  remixed Funkstörung for Studio !K7 and supplied tracks for compilations on MAS, Dub, Civik and On records. Members of the romantically inclined Fistfucking Crew?s debut LP left nasty stains under the nails. Back & Forth, after acquiring a reputation for live performance, have recently finished their first EP, as yet unreleased. Guest sound supplier, Jean Mix was recently elected Vervier's Mister Commodore 64.


BlipVert is the moniker for Oakland, California-based composer/instrumentalist Will Redmond.  Will has been creating and performing his own brand of electronic music all over the greater U.S. Will has performed and collaborated with Elliott Sharp, the Ruins, Phillip Johnston, Ron Anderson, the Molecules, and Eyvind Kang to name but a few. Will's BlipVert releases Triple Acid Foot (RA Sounds), and skr(EP) (Trixy) throw the listener into a world of twisted soundscapes, experimental noise structures, and intense fractured dance floor rhythms.  In a live setting, Will delivers intense high-energy performances that completely alter the music through the use of samplers, vocoders, and air effects modules.


Vervue is an artist/VJ who performs in a live setting. He creates his drawings and images directly on a sand drawing table. These are then filmed and projected onto a (big) screen. His art is created on-the-spot, and therefore completely live. The best way to describe his style would be something like 'constantly evolving psychedelic imagery', based on a cartoon/giger/trip-art style of drawing. His sets vary from 30 minutes to a few hours. During these sets he either draws to the music provided or  brings his own music (he's also a musician and DJ). Vervue has an extensive background in graffiti, design and sculpture.

ART Cinema | Film Premiere

Momma's Man
dir. Azazel Jacobs (USA, 2008, 94 mins)
With Matt Boren, Ken and Flo Jacobs, Richard Edson


After a holiday visit with his parents, Mikey is heading to the airport to return to his wife and newborn baby. But he doesn?t board the plane. Instead he returns to his parents? loft in lower Manhattan, back to his childhood room that has since been converted to storage.  Unsure of his own motivation, he invents excuses about why he?s staying ? his flight is delayed, his flight has been cancelled.  As the days go by he becomes more and more entrenched in his adolescent sanctuary, and comes to a point where he must choose between life as it is and life as it was.


From the producers of HALF NELSON and MARIA FULL OF GRACE comes this original and touching story about the fear of taking responsibility and ultimately growing up.


A beautiful, wise, and poker-faced comedy. Jacobs' style recalls early Jim Jarmusch, only more so (Entertainment Weekly).
With Gilbert & George
dir. Julian Cole (UK 2008, 104 min)
Filmmaker, Julian Cole first met Gilbert & George when he modelled for them in 1986. He decided that now they had photographed him he wanted to film them. His moving portrait filmed over 17 years, traces their lives from humble beginnings to their role on the world?s artistic stage where they have performed an enduring and controversial double act for over four decades.
Banned by the authorities and panned by the critics. They are loved and hated with unprecedented ferocity. This film probes the myths and reveals the individuals that are two people inside a single artist, a permanent living sculpture in which they are compelled to be inseparable from each other and their art. This intimate film biography helps open doors to the understanding of their unique visual language, their ?humanistic art? and what they believe the real legacy of the art of our times should be. Read More

Please check our website for the entire film programme.
Visual Arts | Exhibition

Coalesce: Happenstance, 2009
Coalesce: Happenstance
Exhibition until 22 February
Entrance: free

Dave Beech & Mark Hutchinson | David Blandy | Het Blauwe Huis with M2M radio | Kathrin Böhm | Nina Canell | Oriana Fox | Freee |
General Idea | Jaime Gili | Clare Goodwin | Lothar Götz | Tod Hanson | Toby Huddlestone | Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen | Cyril Lepetit | Ronan McCrea | Jonathan Mosley & Sophie Warren | Jem Noble | Isabel Nolan | Harold Offeh | Mark Orange | Eduardo Padilha | Garrett Phelan | Sarah Pierce | Manuel Saiz Savage | temporarycontemporary | Tipos Moviles - a collaborative poster project by Jaime Gili and Luis Romero, with 40 invited artists | Richard Venlet | Robin Watkins | Lawrence Weiner | Matt White | Mick Wilson
Coalesce film programme
Ursula Biemann & Angela Sanders | Jakup Ferri | Esra Ersen | Adla Isanovic | Helmut & Johanna Kandl | Tadej Pogacar and the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E Museum of Contemporary Art | Marko Raat | selected by B + B
?Coalesce? is the title of an evolutionary exhibition project, initiated by curator Paul O?Neill (Bristol) in 2003. ?Coalesce: Happenstance?
is the final version of the project and is the culmination of O?Neill?s past six years of research and development into the possibility of an exhibition as a form of co-production between multiple agencies. Artists from previous editions (in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain) are gathered together for this large cumulative show. Read More
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