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Anamur MonAmour // International cultural festival in Anamur, Turkey
marta {AT} diyalog-der.eu on Tue, 28 Apr 2009 07:44:28 +0200 (CEST)

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Anamur MonAmour // International cultural festival in Anamur, Turkey

International cultural festival in Anamur, Turkey
from August 14 to 25, 2009 with various Workshops 

Registration until June 25, 2009

The Anamur - MonAmour festival ? August 14 to 25, 2009 - is an international gathering around art and creativity, taking place in the rural Mediterranean setting of Anamur with participants from different cultural backgrounds. The project consists of a series of events around the central backbone of hands-on, state of the art workshops on photography, video, caricature drawing and local cuisine led by professionals. The festival in Anamur intends to create at least a 10 days community in which cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary experiences are shared. The town of Anamur with all its historical and natural beauty will become a playground for creativity; a varied cultural program will be provided; the site-specific features of the area (e.g. the sea turtles, the Roman castle or the social life of the farmers) will be mediated by professionals from the region.

At the festival a cross-cultural exchange will emerge from the heterogeneity of the groups and from direct contact with the population of Anamur. Participants from different countries will discover an unique ecosystem with a rich flora and fauna. A thematic focus is the confrontation with the running program for the protection of Caretta Caretta sea turtles. Anamur, on rather the whole Turkish Mediterranean coast, is home to the largest remaining population of these protected animals. Anamur with its solitude is an oasis that offers rich and unique natural sites and many ancient ruins from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times.

For detailed information about the festival program, the workshops as well as for your registration please view following project link:

Anamur - MonAmour is a cooperation between the association Diyalog Derneği based in Istanbul, the Association for the Promotion of Culture and Tourism in Anamur (AÇED) and the University of Mersin, Turkey.

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