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<nettime-ann> SUMU artist-in-residence program: call for applications -
Jukka Hautamäki on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 18:19:34 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> SUMU artist-in-residence program: call for applications - media arts.


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From: Arte ry / Titanik <arte {AT} saunalahti.fi>
Date: 2009/9/1
Subject: SUMU artist-in-residence program: call for applications

Call for Applications - Deadline 30 September 2009
Arte Association's Artists' Residency SUMU


Arte Association's Artists' Residency SUMU offers one- to three-month
residencies in 2010 to new media artists, working in the intersection of new media, new technologies and contemporary art.

The residence is located in Turku, in the Southwestern coast of Finland. Artists are provided with free accommodation and studio, and a possibility of exhibiting their work either in Sumu's studio which is adjoined to Arte's gallery Titanik, or on Sumu's website. The artists must fund all their living expenses including food and transportation. Arte can help the artists with material costs up to 200 euros depending on the application.

More information: http://www.arte.fi


Please prepare an individual submission, including:
-        project plan (short, clear & realistic, max one page)
-        short artists' statement (max one page)
-        CV (max one page)
-        DVD / CD including a maximum of 10 minutes worth of samples in PC
-        samples of recent work as print-outs (3 - 5 pieces)

The submissions will not be returned. E-mail or internet applications are not accepted, only submissions sent by mail are processed. Deadline 30th of September is a postmark date.

The proposal can also include an exhibition either in the studio space or on our website at the end of the residency.

We will invite 2-4 artists for 1 or 2 months residency periods from the Nordic countries (except Finland) in addition to our normal residencies during 2010. This Nordic program is sponsored by Nordic Culture Point. Artists, who were born or live permanently in the Nordic countries, can send us their applications and project plans for whole year of 2010 by 30th September 2009. The stipend includes accommodation, work space, daily allowance, material money and travelling costs within reasonable limits. See the application requirements above.

Please send your completed submission by mail to:
Gallery Titanik / Sumu AIR
Itäinen Rantakatu 8
20700 Turku

Deadline September 30th,  2009 (postmark).
Session dates for international programme: from July 11th to December 31st, 2010.
For further information please visit our website, www.arte.fi or Res  Artis website, www.resartis.org, or contact:

Paula Väinämö
Residencies Coordinator, Arte
tel. +358 2 2338 372
sumu {AT} arte.fi

SUMU  Artist-in-residence program, Itäinen Rantakatu 8, 20700 Turku,
Finland ? tel. +358 (0)2 233 8372
www.arte.fi sumu {AT} arte.fi
ps: Pls, fwd, tnx!

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