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<nettime-ann> Pecha Kucha Night Brussels #09 this Saturday and more agen
Sara ENGELEN on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 18:20:05 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Pecha Kucha Night Brussels #09 this Saturday and more agenda food: Design Brunch/Open Academy/ICAB and iBrussels


Don't miss the 9th Pecha Kucha Night in Brussels, during Design September, at Recyclart.
See you on September 19th at 20:20 and reserve next PKN #10 in Brussels for Nov. 6th at Bozar
More info and registration on www.pechakucha.architempo.net

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Pecha Kucha Night Brussels Vol.09 speakers planned on September 19th 2009 are
_ Alain Berteau, architect-designer
_ Lise Coirier, Lipstick Stories
_ Bram Crevits, Cimatics Festival
_ Christophe Dessouroux, Mister Emma - ArchiUrbain
_ Christina Franken, conceptual designer on "stressed but creative", London
_ Magnus Jonsson, creative advisor, Interactive Institute: Reflection(s) and Technology
_ Laurent Ledoux, post-capitalism and co.
_ Carmela Locantore, comedian, photographs in Morocco
_ Ramia Mazé, senior researcher, Interactive Institute: Design for Debate, Sweden
_ David Natan, Recyclart - Fabrik
_ Jeroen Roppe, Radio FM Brussel
_ Bas Smets, architect
_ Frank Theys, artist
_ St-Luc students - "Emergence(s)" exhibition

Pecha Kucha, which is Japanese for the sound of conversation (bla bla), is a series of show-and-tell evenings for designers, architects, artists and creatives, started by Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo in 2003 and now in 200 and plus cities worldwide. The Brussels edition is launched and organised by Alok Nandi, Architempo, as part of {creativity*conversation} series and VUB CROSSTALKS. It attracts a wide audience. The 9th Pecha Kucha Brussels takes place at Recyclart, on Sept. 19 at 20:20, in connection with the Design September programme.

The concept: each speaker has 6 minutes 40 sec. for a presentation in 20 images. Each image is on screen for only 20 seconds. No more, no less.
20 images x 20 seconds each. Tempo, story, tension, show-and-tell.

Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol.09 at Recyclart - 19th September 2009, at 20:20 - We recommend that you arrive half an hour early.


I. Design Brunch: Culinary & Food Design on Sunday September 20, 2009 at Recyclart

Design Brunch is a series by Architempo - {creativity * conversation} about food design, cuisine stories, urban and rural dynamics, social impact and narrative pleasure.
More info and registration on http://www.designbrunch.architempo.net/

II. See Attachment - Open Academy with Olivier Mongin - Another CROSSTALKS collaboration with Buro II and Archi+1 on Thursday September 24, 2009 at VUB

La condition urbaine. La ville à l’heure de la mondialisation
Olivier Mongin (Professor in Literature, Antropology, History and Philosophy and director of Esprit, France) 
More info and registration on http://www.buro2.be/

III. Starterseminaries coming up at VUB, Info sessions on Sept 29 and 30, 2009

De Vrije Universiteit Brussel biedt een reeks opleidingen aan over bedrijfsbeheer en ondernemerschap voor niet-economisch geschoolde leden.
More info and registration on: http://www.vub.ac.be/lerenondernemen.html

IV. See Attachment - ICAB and iBrussels are participating in the event "Open Bedrijven Dag" on Sunday October 4, 2009

ICAB is the new VUB business incubator in the Brussels Region dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs and start-ups in the ICT- and engineering sector and IBrussels.
iBrussels develops innovative and mobile IT-based services based on a city-operated network in Brussels.
More info on ibrussels.etro.vub.ac.be - www.icab-brussel.be - www.openbedrijvendag.be  

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