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Anonymous on Sat Apr 21 00:08:41 2001

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But there will certainly not only be talk and theorizing. There are also
many visual presentations involving people who are formative in Visual
Culture themselves: artists, designers, media and theatre producers,
fashion designers, photographers and architects, people from business and
advertising - especially those whose perspectives cut across the boundaries
of their discipline. An interdisciplinary field calls for an
interdisciplinary approach.

Preparations are being made on a special Visual Culture - website, that is
currently being developed for the Balie by a group of students from the
department of Interaction Design of the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
(HKU). This will be operational in February 2001.

Further information at De Balie:
e jet.zeiss {AT} balie.nl
t +31-20-5535151
f +31-20-5535155.

Research & production: Ineke Schwartz, Ingrid van Tol, Tessa Boerman, Jet


We kindly request you to send this message to interested parties in and
outside your organization.
A mailing will insure that everyone interested in the Visual Culture
program of the Balie is kept up to date on developments.

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