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[Nettime-bold] [pr] Signwave Auto-Illustrator reaches beta at 35,000 fee
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[Nettime-bold] [pr] Signwave Auto-Illustrator reaches beta at 35,000 feet

Wednesday 28th February 2001. London, England.


Nicola Wright, Product Manager (nicola {AT} auto-illustrator.com)
Signwave UK +44 (0) 20 7790 0991

Signwave releases the first beta of its generative vector graphic
design package, Auto-Illustrator, weeks after it co-wins the
Transmediale.01 Artistic Software Award.

Auto-Illustrator is much like any other graphic design package,
with one crucial difference: this one has attitude. Its generative
routines work in collaboration with the designer to help them realise
exciting and abstract new artwork for use in web, print and video

The jury at Transmediale values Auto-Illustrator "as a statement
from where software art departs - software as 'tools' - and where
it goes, namely towards an artist who becomes a programmer... whose
work is algorithmic and generative".

The artist behind the software, Adrian Ward, treats the software as
an extension of his own creative aspirations. "Users who get to know
the software learn of its quirks and behaviours - which are never
really consistent - and start to articulate those in their own
designs. In a sense, the finished design comes out as a bizarre
collaboration between them and us".

Although still in development, the software can be downloaded from
its web site (http://www.auto-illustrator.com/) for free. It is
available for Macintosh and Windows computers. The final version is
expected to be released as a commercial product when it is completed.

Signwave is a small London based company specialising in generative
software for a wide range of uses.

For more information on the software, visit
http://www.auto-illustrator.com/ or visit http://www.signwave.co.uk/
for details on Signwave.

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