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[Nettime-bold] Janine Cirincione & Michael Ferraro and Nic Hess
TheProjNY on 18 Feb 2001 22:23:25 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Janine Cirincione & Michael Ferraro and Nic Hess

Janine Cirincione & Michael Ferraro: RL
Nic Hess: Quiero Casarme

February 25th, 2001 through April 1st, 2001
Opening Reception:  Sunday, February 25th 2-6pm.

Janine Cirincione & Michael Ferraro have been collaborating in new media 
technologies since 1992.  Their previous work has been exhibited at the CCA 
Macao, The Wexner Center in Ohio and The New Museum in New York.  RL is their 
latest installation in which non-narrative structure collides with patchwork 
multiscapes.   In RL a pair of animated characters eschew quips culled from 
the television that seems to be their only window onto the world outside.  
While the viewer watches the watchers the reflexive metaphor and pun of the 
window is reiterated through varied monitors and a projection within the 
gallery.  RL, for Real Life, is the culmination of 2 years of planning and 
programming.  Upcoming exhibits include P.S.1.

In Quiero Casarme, Nic Hess' first gallery exhibition in the United States, 
the Zurich based artist presents an orgy of visual information representing 
logos, brush strokes, portraiture and the quixotically nonsensical.  Hess has 
been realizing fantastic wall size murals using everyman's materials of pen, 
ink and tape.  In addition to the wall-based work this exhibition presents a 
wall-as-work.  A carved wall as an interstitial place of reflection behind 
which will lie carved sculptures approximating pinball machines.  Hess 
operates in the mode of artist as cultural reprogrammer.  The last New York 
exhibits from Nic Hess included the Fall Selections show at the Drawing 
Center and a project at the Queens Museum.

Hours of operation are Thursday through Sunday 12pm - 6pm.  For the quickest 
routes from downtown or midtown take the A or D train to 125th Street and 
walk one block north and one and a half blocks west.    The Project is 
between Morningside and Amsterdam Avenues. 

Next exhibition, April 8th through May 6th, 2001:
Peter Rostovsky and Bülent Sangar

The Project
427 West 126th Street
New York NY 10027 USA
t +1 212 662 8610
f +1 212 662 2800

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