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[Nettime-bold] book announcement--Compaine
Jud Wolfskill on Mon, 27 Aug 2001 23:09:42 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] book announcement--Compaine

Dear Moderator,
I wondered if the following book announcement would be appropriate for 
posting to NETTIME-L.  I'd be happy to edit the announcement to meet your 
specifications.  Please let me know whether or not you're able to post the 
announcement.  Thank you!


I thought readers of NETTIME-LL might be interested in this book.  For more 
information please visit http://mitpress.mit.edu/0262531933

The Digital Divide
Facing a Crisis or Creating a Myth?
edited by Benjamin M. Compaine

The Digital Divide refers to the perceived gap between those who have 
access to the latest information technologies and those who do not. If we 
are indeed in an Information Age, then not having access to this 
information is an economic and social handicap. Some people consider the 
Digital Divide to be a national crisis, while others consider it an 
over-hyped nonissue. This book presents data supporting the existence of 
such a divide in the 1990s along racial, economic, ethnic, and education 
lines. But it also presents evidence that by 2000 the gaps are rapidly 
closing without substantive public policy initiatives and spending.
Together, the contributions serve as a sourcebook on this controversial issue.
Benjamin M. Compaine is a Research Affiliate at the Internet and 
Telecommunications Convergence Consortium at the Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology. He is coeditor of The Internet Upheaval (MIT Press, 2000) and 
The Information Resources Policy Handbook (MIT Press, 1999).

6 x 9, 340 pp.
30 illus.
cloth ISBN 0-262-53193-3
The MIT Press Sourcebooks

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Associate Publicist
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