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integer on Fri, 14 Sep 2001 04:14:53 +0200 (CEST)

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nn quivered

>               It isn't unreasonable. It is emotional. We are taught reason but also ... we are taught emotion.
>               Reason and its quale, emotion, rise together - to heights of musical, poetic or dramatic composition.
>               Rational acts can be passionately engaged in or coldly executed.
>               That, some have called unreason, emotion, transports us
>               into clarity and beauty, and liberates us from the despair of isolation.
>               It is by being attentive to our emotional education that we grow the wings to cross the solipsistic gulf.
>               This is reasonable. 


I would like to rent you.

To paraphrase Che Guevara, the analyst proposes to set in motion a bloody
revolution in the patient's emotional life--but guided by feelings of love.

>And we're supposed to take these women seriously?

cultivating beauty costs money. okupies time. and drains emotional resources.

>[when weakened as specified - populate.suitable cells] 

why do u.wish to weaken me:

as per exhibit 242. all goddesses are modular.

to extend
   to suppress
      to emerge
         to colonize
            to understand
               to komfort
                  to destroy
      to emerge
         to colonize
            to understand

           -O 43      /  
      |             | \   |        /

>namelesz no one. [remindz ov u] 


are you not natural?
interested how you are self-created...

|| p'haps not created....eternal?

search = !n va!n.
mask = komplete.


unconsciousness + power


u hav b!n embedd.

he uzd dze term maTTer 4 d-plane ov kons!stenss+e or body without organz. 
dze unformd unorganizd nonstratif!ed or d-strat!f1ed bod+e + all !tz flowz:subatom!k + 
submølekular part!klz, pure !ntensit1ez. prev!tal + pre-ph!zikl free s!ngularitiez.

embrasz u.r m9nd

|+| apøløg1ez 4 earl!er kømment.
perhapz vague + brutal.

Netochka Nezvanova      - the spreading web like rhythm we towards inch with 
f3.MASCHIN3NKUNST   - each impression yes +?
 {AT} www.eusocial.com
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                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
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