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[Nettime-bold] Hybrid Discourse
Anya Lewin on Tue, 22 Jan 2002 11:44:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Hybrid Discourse


when I sent an announcement for this event the first time I got the url
wrong- Hope you don't mind I've sent it again.

Hybrid-Discourse (www.i-dat.org/projects/hybrid) is a series of events
investigating current cultural debates in the context of digital media.
All events take place in Plymouth, UK but will be live webcast. Please tune
in where ever you are.


1. Cultural Criticism
    January 28th / 6-8pm
    Sally Jane Norman, New Zealand/France
    Jeremy Valentine, UK

    Chair: Chris Speed, i-DAT

2. Creative Practices
    February 25th / 6-8pm
    Kate rich (BIT), Australia/UK
    Neil Cummings & Marysia Lewandowska, UK

    Chair: Geoff Cox, i-DAT

3. Hybrid Practices: Art for Commerce / Commerce for Art
    March 18th / 6-8pm
    ®ark, Global
    Soda, UK
    Paul D. Miller, US

    Chair: Mike Phillips, i-DAT

4. Curatorial Practices
    April 12th / 2­4pm
    Olia Lialina, Russia/Germany
    WRO: Piotr Krajewski & Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska, Poland
    Sarah Cook, Canada/UK

    Chair: Joasia Krysa, i-DAT & Lina Dzuverovic-Russell, MUTE

5. Institutional Practices: Models / Art-Commerce
    April 13th / 10­6pm

    Institutional Practices: Models / 10am
    Elisa Giaccardi, Italy
    Clive Gillman, UK
    Anne Nigten, The Netherlands

    Chair: Bronac Ferran ­ Arts Council of England

    Institutional Practices: Art-Commerce / 2pm
    Jordan Crandall, US
    Marina Grzinic Mauhler, Slovenia
    Simon Ford, UK

    Chair: Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska & Piotr Krajewski, WRO

6. Cultural Criticism II
    May 13th / 6-8pm
    Josephine Bosma, The Netherlands
    Volker Grassmuck, Germany

    Chair: Anya Lewin, Dartington College of Arts

Anya Lewin
Lecturer in Art and Performance
Dartington College of Art
Totnes, Devon
a.lewin {AT} dartington.ac.uk

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