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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> pocock's boycotts
philip pocock on Sun, 16 Feb 2003 23:32:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> pocock's boycotts


well, in the Metamorphosis, didnt the world stem from 'chaos'. the 
boycott i intend is an open discussion about what you term ''big end' 
media art'. discourse is democracy. and our streets are here.

manovich is free to answer and i am sure he will prepare with his text. 
i shoot from the hip since its emailspace here.

maybe out of our discussion some idea as to where time is traveling will 
emerge, and dead ends like soft cinema will go the way of the dinosaur 
database ideas they promote obscuring any horizon that they promise 
without success.

same goes for 'big ticket' items likej.  shaw's mechanically engineered 
media theatrics. the cost of one, like the energy-sucking dome in the 
zkm now, could pay for a small contingent of programmers from the 
diaspora to connect. understanding can only emerge if it is possible. 
why not in iraq, where database cinema gets the word algorithm from the 
name from a ancient baghdad mathematician?

the daimler-chrysler light shows of 'big end' media art from the 
australia-based promoter (shaw) do little that 60s world's fairs didnt 
to mark that 'golden age' some dropped out from, and now dissolving in 
an acidic world climate if media culture conversation doesnt begin to 
get over such industrial antics like shaw's, lending factory CEOs the 
greedy feeling that they are not far from creating vehicles with the 
same magic as what they might think art to be. that fills one or two 
pockets, but it empties the collective one, ie nettime!, and fuels more 
disparity, choking young initiatives, misunderstanding all the while 
what media art can invent. if only dinosuars were as graceful as that 
dancing disney hippo.

media is arguably the state dept. of the moment. and it is not 
pixel-prettied tv news (manovich) or industrial-strength (j. shaw) 
dragging its heels in territory people don't believe for good reason any 
longer. media, even if understood, has huge problems yet new potentials. 
hoping to get some insight here.

after the dinosaurs... primates allopatrically speciated.
no longer fearing the t-rex, primates became diurnal.
ddaytime activity meant color vision evolved. now we got the rainbow 
coalition of the unwilling (yeah!) :)

you mention history boycotting. isnt history just the practice of 
searching for the 'now' as it occurred at previous times? and then there 
is the more curious, 'now what?'

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