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IDRIS TUKOR on Mon, 17 Feb 2003 01:54:01 +0100 (CET)

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                                                            URGENT AND EXTREMELY COMFIDENTIAL

  Dear Sir/madam,

 It is with trust and confidentiality, that I make this
urgent and important business proposal to you.
It gives me so much enthusiasm to write this letter
to you. It is all in a view to soliciting for
assistance to enable us execute a venture of mutual

My name is I.TUKOR A former Central Bank of Zimbabwe Worker, during the last political disturbuce
by the government held by Robert Mugabe,I and my
other colleagues worked out over US$20,000,000.00(Twenty million, United States Dollars Only) as over invoiced and inflated payment.for election materials and the funds is now flotting in a security company ready to be transfered to the provided account.

 Now that we are not sure of the future of this
country, due to the cry of sanction by world leader
in and around the world. for the brutal take over of
white farm by the Administration, and the lack of
purpose in the Administration, me and my friends have
decided to invest this funds wisely. i am currently in  Holland the Netherlands so that i can put all the needfull together to ensure a successful transfer of the funds to a desingated account.
Acting in concert with few trusted other officers, we need the assistance of a foreign company/persons to push this money into their accounts. 

You will do very well that is what we have in mind. 
we share of whatever we succeed in putting into
your account will be offring you 20% of the total sum, while 70% will be for us and 10% will be mapped out for any expenses incurred by both parties in the process of the transfer, we require nothing more from you, except your willingness to assist us.

 I will refrain from giving out more operational
details, until I receive your reply. Since time is of
the essence to us, reply this letter quickly so as
to know what next to do, even if this letter does not
meet your approval, please inform me. 
There is no risk involved, as we have done our homework carefully.
Looking forward to hearing from you. 


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