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Bruce on Wed, 19 Feb 2003 00:30:01 +0100 (CET)

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You may be surprised to receive this letter 
from me since you do not know me personally; I 
am Mr. Bruce Mutomy the In-Law to Mr. Tabo 
Mbeki the President of Republic of South 
Africa. It was my search for a reputable 
Foreign Firms to do business with that made me 
to contact you.
The South African government wants to import a 
refined Diamond and my In-Law the president of 
South Africa has awarded me the contract of 
supplying this refined Diamond. This contract 
was awarded to me in the past on 19th February, 
2001 and I supplied the diamond from 
Sierraleone to the tune of USD32million and we 
paid cash to Mrs. Swani Isiwelu a citizen of 
Now the South African government IS interested 
in the brand of diamond that was imported and 
supplied to the government, Because of this 
development they have awarded the contract of 
supplying another diamond worth of USD 32 
million to me by the instruction of the South 
Africa President and they will pay me upfront. 
I am therefore writing you to enable me use 
your company as the firm that supplied the 
diamond. The deal I want to do with you is that 
if we receive the payment upfront in your 
account the diamond will not be supplied. 
This is the way the top government officials 
make their money when the opportunity comes. 
All you will do now is to forward the name of 
any company of your choice, which we shall 
register legally here in South Africa as a 
foreign firm to supply the refined diamond to 
the government. 
I will personally get all the approvals from 
the various ministries here in South Africa; 
for you to sign and return  the original 
documents to us by DHL. As soon as I receive 
the document, I will submit it to the various 
ministries for approvals
Immediately you receive the money in your 
account for the importation of the diamond .I 
will fly to meet you so that I will take my own 
share of the money. As soon as the deal is 
successfully concluded I will personally 
control the situation here and I assure you 
that the business is risk free.
Immediately you indicate your interest you 
please send me your private and confidential 
telephone and fax number to enable me enlighten 
you properly on the deal. Note that we are only 
using your company as the company that supplied 
the refined diamond; by the end of the day we 
will not supply the diamond. 
As soon as the deal is concluded the proceeds 
will be shared on the basis of 30% to you and 
70% to us.
Please note that as soon as the business is 
concluded all the documents will be retrieved 
and destroyed to avoid any traces.
Bruce Mutomy.


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