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[Nettime-bold] request for an assistance
patrick on Sun, 23 Feb 2003 12:15:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] request for an assistance



I do recognize the surprise this urgent but
confidential letter will bring you especially as it
came from a stranger, but rest assured that it came
with the best of intentions. First, I must introduce
myself. I am MR.PATRICK ZUMA, from the Diamond-Rich
district of Sierra Leone and my father was the former
special adviser to the Head of State of Sierra Leone,
Major Johnny Koroma.I got your address and other
details from the internet in my search for a reliable
business partner.

During the war between our forces led by the Ex-Head
of state, Major Johnny Koroma and the West Africa
Allied forces (ECOMOG), My country relied heavily on
the foreign earnings generated from diamond trade.
This money was personally kept by the then president,
Major Johnny Koroma since our banking system had
collapsed during the war.

However, as the war progressed, it became apparent
that we were going to loose the war to the superior
and better armed West Africa Allied Forces (ECOMOG).
At this point, the key officers of the administration
started making frantic efforts on how to leave Sierra
Leone safely thereby sharing the proceeds/money from
this diamond trade. In view of the fact that my father
was one of the key officer of then administration and
an in-law to major Paul koroma, he succeeded in
getting the sum of US$15.5, MILLION (FIFTEEN MILLION

We have made arrangement and transferred the money
through diplomatic means to South Africa, Where I am
presently living in exile as an asylum seeker but
unfortunately, my father died of heart attack after a
few months of exile in South Africa and automatically,
I came in total control of the said money as the only
surviving son, my mother and two younger sister. Upon
our arrival in South Africa after due consideration,
we deposited the money with a security company for
security reasons. The actual content was not disclosed
to them (SECURITY COMPANY) pending when we see a
trustworthy person who will assist us in transferring
this money to his account outside South Africa, as the
strict Monetary Laws here do not allow asylum seekers
certain financial rights.

I shall be most grateful if you can assist me
accomplish this transaction and hoping too that you
will remain trustworthy. For your effort and
assistance, i have agreed to give you 25% of the total
sum while 5% will be set aside for all expenses
incurred in this transaction. The rest of the 70% will
be for my family investment in your country.

Please, note that I have made arrangements for a
successful deal. As such, the only thing I ask from
you is total assistance to transfer this money,
complete trust and assurance that my own part of the
money will be safe when transferred to your account. I
would also wish you kept this proposal highly
confidential and secret considering my father's
position before his death and the source of the money.
If you are interested in assisting me, please contact
me through the above as soon
as possible. Thanking you in advance for your
anticipated co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

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