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Re: <nettime> Where did the Internet revolution go? - ARTNATURAL
Terrence J Kosick on Sun, 30 Jan 2000 23:39:16 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Where did the Internet revolution go? - ARTNATURAL

Terrence writes;

It might not be an illusion. The internet revolution is all around you but
don't expect it to be hare alone. The usual suspects who take life on
their own terms are bound to follow those who have hopes for a more
interesting and less commodified and less hierarchical future. People have
only the conventional sensibilities to partake in something that will take
time to organize itself into conceivable patterns that make themselves
more easily reportable, celebrated and defined and hopefully have some
positive effects on society. 

The apparent values of tradition and the actual values of a directed
society have here at least the bridges available to connect and have some
debate and come to some terms that may speed up the process of revoltion
so more may be at peace beliving change to a more networked less
hierarchical future is possible. It is something to work towards and a
constant virtual presence to act as a catalist is needed. 

Directed culture was freedom's spoiled child. The hopes of a pluralistic
society more able to hear itself are better here. The banalities of a
productive change have at least the opportunity to show their convenient,
packageable, consumable and ultimately disposable value with their
brilliant success's. It is up to each of us to manifest our communications
in a social or material way that can improve or at least be content with
out respective lots in life and have a possible say in change. That is the

It not like dropping a bomb and dealing with the consequences or even
calling for a quick resistance while forgetting our mission to provide
initiatives for social and spiritual values that have little to do with
internet commerce but everything to do with the lasting needs of a healthy
community. It requires steady perseverance. Rome was not built in a day
and neither will the e-revolution. It is just getting noisy with the
inundation of the markets and exploiters of the virtual public and
difficult to see or hear over the clamor or those things we hoped to have
leave behind but will haunt you like a gost if you belive they are the
only things in life that have any real value. 

terrence kosick

i b wrote:

> Thomas Oesterlie toaster {AT} pvv.ntnu.no :
> > Where did the Internet revolution go?
> Into simulation.


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