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<nettime> Announcements [12]

Table of Contents:

   transmediale.01 newsletter #2 - shortlists tm.01 award                          
     Andreas Broeckmann <abroeck {AT} transmediale.de>                                    

   AUDIOPHFILE v.6.0                                                               
     NOMADS <nomads {AT} nomadnet.org>                                                    

   the aesthetics of de|con-struction                                              
     brian carroll <human {AT} architexturez.com>                                         

     Tillmann.Damrau {AT} t-online.de (Tillmann Damrau)                                   

   Mark Tribe -founder of Rhizome.org, talks  {AT} jihui:Friday, Janunary 5,  2001 7 PM 
     z {AT} apiece.net                                                                    

   [pavu.com] 2001 loves you                                                       
     "pavu.com.ctgr" <ctgr {AT} free.fr>                                                  

   Openscape Group not available?                                                  
     101.44992 {AT} germanynet.de                                                         

     "TMpC" <tmpc {AT} cooltour.org>                                                      

   net-art00 >>> RESULTS >>> 01                                                    
     atty <atty {AT} hell.com>                                                            

     "Lorenzo Taiuti" <md3169 {AT} mclink.it>                                             

   http://meta.am/   -  glass vortex
     m e t a <meta {AT} meta.am>

   [ASCII] Agenda januari 2001
     Jaap <jaap {AT} squat.net>


Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 19:15:32 +0200
From: Andreas Broeckmann <abroeck {AT} transmediale.de>
Subject: transmediale.01 newsletter #2 - shortlists tm.01 award

transmediale.01  - international media art festival berlin
DIY [ do it yourself ! ]
4 - 11 February 2001

The transmediale.01 will award three prizes - each worth DM 10.000 -
in the categories: Interactive, Video and Artistic Software.

In the INTERACTIVE section, interactive installations were invited together
with virtual environments, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Internet and performance projects
etc. in which visitors or users are not simply "interpassive" but are
encouraged to respond and act in a creative manner.

The VIDEO section covers linear, time-based presentations searching for new
aesthetic forms of expression. These can be on DVD, various video formats
or film (up to 35 mm).

The as yet barely defined field of ARTISTIC SOFTWARE incorporates projects
in which self-written algorithmic computer software (stand alone programmes
or script-based applications) is not merely a functional tool, but is
itself an artistic creation and a form of aesthetic expression.


Alex Adriaansens (NL)
Soeke Dinkla (D)
Michael Saup (D)

Catrin Backhaus (D)
Angela Melitopoulos (D)
Gereon Schmitz (D)

Florian Cramer (D)
Ulrike Gabriel (D)
John F. Simon (US)

The juries have nominated a shortlist of 6 projects in each category. These
projects will be presented by the artists in a programme on the afternoon
of Saturday 10 February 2001. The winners will be announced during the
prize ceremony on the same day, starting at 20.30 hrs.

*Shortlist Interactive

Daniel Garcia Andujar, Valencia/ES
Phoney (CD-Rom)

Blast Theory, London/GB
Desert Rain (Performance)

Anne Niemetz, Karlsruhe/D
Noise Ratio (Installation)

Marnix de Nijs, Edwin van der Heide, Rotterdam/NL
Spatial Sounds (Installation)

Time's Up, Linz/A
SPIN Body Spin (Installation)

Herwig Weiser, Koeln/D, Graz/A
zgodlocator (Installation)

*Shortlist Video

Simon Ellis, Nottingham/GB
Telling Lies

Kit Hung, Hong Kong
Invisible People

Istvan Kantor, Toronto/CDN

Manon Labrecque, Montreal/CDN
c't'aujourd'hui qu'

Sylvie Laliberte, Montreal/CDN
The Tool is not always the Hammer

Pekka Niskanen, Helsinki/FI
A Girl Bathing in the Kitchen Sink

*Shortlist Aristic Software

Chris Csikszentmihalyi, Troy/USA
DJ I Robot

Golan Levin, New York/USA
Audiovisual Environment Suite

Netochka Nezvanova

Daniela Plewe, Berlin/D
Ultima Ratio

Antoine Schmitt, Paris/F
Vexation 1

Adrian Ward/Signwave, London/GB

The festival website is still under construction. However, an ACCREDITATION
FORM is already available on http://www.transmediale.de

PRESS: please, contact presse {AT} transmediale.de

The NEXT NEWSLETTER will be published on 5 January and will contain
information about the transmediale.01 conference on 8 and 9 February 2001.

We wish everybody a good start for the new year.

best regards,

the transmediale team


DIY [do it yourself!]
4 - 11 february 2001
international media art festival berlin

klosterstr. 68-70
10179 berlin
fon +49 30 2472 1907
fax +49 30 2472 1909
info {AT} transmediale.de
Member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals E.E.I.G.


Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 19:30:03 -0400
From: NOMADS <nomads {AT} nomadnet.org>
Subject: AUDIOPHFILE v.6.0

- --============_-1233903487==_ma============
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" ; format="flowed"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

AUDIOPHFILE v.6.0 is now on-line at http://www.nomadnet.org/audiophf.html

This version features sonic renderings from Keith Townsend Obadike, 
St=E9phane Claude, Brandon Morse, and Terry Nauheim.

AUDIOPHFILE requires the Flash 4.0 plug-in and a monitor set to 
millions of colors. Headphones are recommended.

AUDIOPHFILE is funded by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.



Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 00:32:17 +0000
From: brian carroll <human {AT} architexturez.com>
Subject: the aesthetics of de|con-struction

 < e x h i b i t >

 T H E   A E S T H E T I C S
      O F  D E C O N S T R U C T I O N :

 photographic gallery of architectural
 construction and demolition sites


 * latest CSS browsers required

 < t e x t >

 deconstruction is herein used as a generic
 non-proprietary keyword to describe the
 pragmatic utility of theoretical (theory-
 rhetorical) ideas and ideologies.

 nothing can be said in terms of reason nor
 logic to further clarify, and importantly,
 simplify the concepts based upon language
 of which deconstruction represents. other
 than that deconstruction, as a word, can
 be seen to be of both 'construction' and
 'destruction' in its structure, that is:

 de-    struction

 the symbolic enhancement of the word, in
 its structural formalism, can be re-
 presented as:


 wherein the pipe `|' symbol represents
 a logical dividing line, and the hypen
 `-' represents a continuity between the
 infrastructural fragments of the word.

 therefore, de|con-struction, with logic
 and reason aided by visual symbols, can
 be seen as a questioning and answering.

 the sublime language in which deconstruction
 is used, as a keyword, is passively reflected
 in its application of the language of signs,
 and not as a vivid interrogation of language
 as a symbolic logic of these message signals.

 one example is in the realm of identity, in
 which the language inherited by most English
 readers/writers is fused with a perspective
 which is inherently privatized. this is best
 exemplified in gender, where the basis for
 public and private identity, and thus language,
 are grounded. it is more than coincidence that
 the deconstruction of the individual is still
 defined by gender today.

    he      man        male        mankind
   she    woman      female      womankind

  s|he   wo|man     fe|male    wo|man-kind

 a symbolic structural language transcending
 gender as identity need include both gender
 and its annihilation in the construction and
 the destruction of individual identity.

 the impossibility of this is evident in the
 concept of humanity, as it is based on the
 identity of man, and yet it conceptually
 represents, moreso than its literal signal,
 a communality of identity and a basis for

 therefore, the human identity is not to be
 based only on history nor her-story but on
 `the human story' of i, you, me, and we as
 human beings. the division of public and
 private identities then become easier to

 for example, speaking as wo|men, (men-or-
 women, or men-and-women) we will never be able
 to achieve a common human identity of equality
 as there is a choice for differentiating being.

 the philosophical example of this conundrum is
 the hermaphrodite as the identity which can
 transcend this trap, where man becomes woman
 and woman becomes man, sexually and conceptually.

 the hermaphrodite is the basis for an inclusive
 human being, a both-and either-or identity which
 at once negates and affirms constitutions and
 constructions of identity based on gender. this
 is because the hermaphrodite is literally a
 symbolic wo|man, whose logic deconstructs the
 signs of traditional Western identity.

 all human beings are hermaphroditic in the sense
 that to find community in the differences that
 divide us privately, we need to find commonality
 or continuity in those things that bind us together
 as one people, a unique and wide-ranging being that
 we share as a public beyond our individual selves.

 how else can `we' speak of 'our' future, or of working
 together as equals, than to speak in human terms?

 to do this does not require deconstructing texts,
 in as much as concepts and structures which pre-
 dispose action through traditional channels, be
 they institutional or relational.

 one way to do this is through aesthetics, the
 design not only of things but ideas, visions,
 and the symbolism they collectively carry in
 the cultural sub-, un-, & supra-conscious.

 architecture is a way of seeing this symbolism
 of deconstruction literalized in the aesthetics
 of physical, buildings in-formation.

 architecture is no different from words and language
 in that it has a structural relationship between
 fragments of ideas, as it both creates and destroys
 itself in order to exist.
 yet the paradox is denied, and the 'finished'
 building, much like the 'finished' text, are
 professionalized, aestheticized, and stylized
 as ideological constructions, building upon
 the inherited institutional reality, no longer
 challenging nor changing it. while there may
 be meaning in the symbolism, it remains mostly
 privatized and proprietary, guarding its source
 code to increase its rarity and value in the
 closed systems in which it functions. thus,
 the school of thought as a continuation of
 stable signs legitimately deconstructed to
 maintain the status quo continue the legacy
 of the `intellectual' corporate enterprise
 as private endeavor.

 to see architecture de|con-structed requires
 seeing architecture in between its various
 stages of becoming some-thing and no-thing.

 thus, to literally `see' the destruction and
 construction of the built environment, much
 like the hermaphrodite, we can see the common,
 public aesthetic which we inherited and from
 whose language we build. these are the laws of
 physics matched with lawless imagination.

 to see a building being destroyed, to see a
 construction sign, to see a stack of materials
 in the process of demolition and construction,
 is to see architecture as a de|con-struction.

 the crane, the scaffolding, the tools, the
 earth, rocks, metals, and concrete, most all
 are relatively ancient events being ever
 re-enacted in the processing of architecture.
 the construction site, in its varying stages,
 could be seen much the same 2000 years ago,
 in these same designed assemblages.

 aesthetic reflection and projection allow
 the architectural object to be matched by
 its empirical relation to material culture,
 and its ancient precedent. the construction
 sign, as symbolic warning of a zone of a
 culture's de|con-struction, is a universal
 visual language, transcending that of words.

 a construction site on any continent can be
 deciphered without spoken language. dirt is
 dirt. cranes are cranes. architectural signs
 are signs, not only as finished objects, but
 also as never-finished objects, eternally in-
 process, always falling apart, in need of
 repair, or of dismantling.

 the pragmatism of de|con-struction as everyday
 theory is seen in workers whom strip buildings
 of their valuable goods before they are to be
 demolished. they salvage what is left and use
 it to build something else. not as a pure
 object or entity, but as a collection of
 borrowed and re-structuralized fragments.
 these carpenters and citizens call themselves

 seeing the Venetian _primitive hut_ scaffolding
 along with the _purgatory_ and _archetype_
 events of Paris brings the local aesthetic
 of construction and demolition into a new
 and more universalized sense of a common
 architectural language, and thus being.

 while words continue to bore and drag on
 without saying, relying upon a fuzzy logic
 of finished surfaces and statements, it is
 proposed that the unfinished image simplifies
 and clarifies what words cannot. that there
 is a universality, a shared public, it is
 physical, it exists within a shared material
 culture, technological, both new and ancient,
 which is always in a state of de|con-structing
 itself. in this state, before it is a finished
 product, it is still possible to rearrange the
 structure so as to support- not the individual
 and privatized difference alone- but also the
 civic commonality we share as human beings.

 architecture is but one way of seeing it and
 de|con-struction is but one way of saying it.
 but there is something in their combination,
 when the application of theoretical language
 becomes a pragmatic common sense, immediately
 available with those with eyes and minds looking
 into the future while remembering the past.
 < / t e x t >< / e x h i b i t>

 s i t e : new online portfolio-- www.architexturez.com/site


Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 17:57:53 +0100
From: Tillmann.Damrau {AT} t-online.de (Tillmann Damrau)
Subject: hny

hello and a happy new year to everybody - if you got time an interest in 
non-animated visual art, then visit the AMUSEUM of Robin Page under 

all the best


Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 12:53:21 -0800
From: z {AT} apiece.net
Subject: Mark Tribe -founder of Rhizome.org, talks  {AT} jihui:Friday, Janunary 5,  2001 7 PM est

Mark Tribe talks  {AT}  jihui
- - about Rhizome, about netart (past-current-future)

Presented by jihui (A Project of the NetArt Initiative)

Friday, Janunary 5, 2001 7 PM at
Parsons Center for New Design
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
live webcast at http://netart-init.org 7pm est.

Mark Tribe is an artist, entrepreneur, curator and arts administrator
whose interests lie at the
intersection of emerging technologies and contemporary art. In 1996, he
founded Rhizome.org,
a nonprofit organization focused on new media art. He then founded
StockObjects, a startup
company that sold animations and other “digital objects” online. Mark
speaks widely on new
media art and nonprofit management. Recent speaking engagements include
The Art Institute of
Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design and Razorfish Inc. He plays an
active role as an
advocate for net artists on grant panels and in the press. He also
serves on the advisory boards
of nonprofit arts organizations and new media companies. His most recent
artwork, a net art
project called StarryNight, is an interface for browsing Rhizome’s text
library that represents
each article as a star in a night sky. StarryNight can be found online
www.rhizome.org/starrynight. Prior to Rhizome.org and StockObjects, Mark
worked as an artist
in Berlin, and developed commercial web sites at Pixelpark GmbH, a
leading German new media
agency. He received a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Art from the
University of California, San
Diego in 1994 and a BA in Visual Art from Brown University in 1990.

The NETART INITIATIVE <http://netart-init.org> is a loosely knit, open
based, hub styled, forum oriented, action enabled consortium, where
people meet,
virtually and bodily, to communicate, exchange, and discourse for
advancing the
understanding of a virtual art, a networked art and an art that will be
and ubiquitous in the years to come.

jihui (the meeting point), a self-regulated digital salon, invites all
interested people to send ideas for discussion/performance/etc,
jihui is where your voice heard and your vision shared.

jihui is sponsored by Digital Design Department and Center for New
Design  {AT}  Parsons School of Design



Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2001 15:22:22 +0100
From: "pavu.com.ctgr" <ctgr {AT} free.fr>
Subject: [pavu.com] 2001 loves you

dear friends of pavu.com, 

we wish you all the best starting now !!!


pavu.com Team
Paul Dupouy - Chief Président
Jean-Philippe Halgand - Executive Directeur
Clément Thomas - Officer Général
- -/ the next route plining ! /-


Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 19:20:28 +0100
From: 101.44992 {AT} germanynet.de
Subject: Openscape Group not available?


I don't know if I'm right here with my question. But perhaps you can
tell me.

Today I was trying to visit the Openscape Group (www.openscape.org) -
but without success: can't find the server ...

Do you know where they are moved?

- --
Peter Straub
E-Mail ps {AT} peterstraub.de
Visit www.peterstraub.de - The Mousepad-Page
Telefon 06 21 / 73 88 85
Telefax 06 21 / 73 88 57


Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 01:20:36 -0300
From: "TMpC" <tmpc {AT} cooltour.org>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Taller_de_M=FAsica_por_Computadora?=


(54+1) 4824-4762 / 4251-4962
tmpc {AT} cooltour.org

Fundaci=F3n START
Bartolom=E9 Mitre 1970 5to. B
4953-6772 / 4359-2696


Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2001 20:39:52 +0000
From: atty <atty {AT} hell.com>
Subject: net-art00 >>> RESULTS >>> 01

Thanks to all of you who visited http://www.net-art.org  and took part
in 'net-art00' during 2000 ...

as a result of which we now have an interesting perspective on how you
all reacted and experienced the listed web specific art projects of
net-art00 at ...


even if these results don't match your own preferences we hope you enjoy
checking out how others reacted to the nominated projects.

Please note this year the voting record of top listed sites have been
carefully checked for any clusters of voting that would represent
attempt to manipulate general voting pattern. We are very happy to
announce that no anomalies were found.

One problem is that due to a late mailing that we did to previous
contributors and visitors, there were a lot of late nominations of sites
and obviously these sites did not get a chance to be visited and
therefore receive votes compared to earlier entries. As a result we
propose to enter the entries received after October 31st 2000 to
'net-art01' (see the results page for details).

We hope to launch 'net-art01' from the two week Barcelona street
festival, Festival Gracia, in August '01, with projected displays of
work from top practitioners and special web art creation projects with
local people in Gracia area. We feel this possible link with the
Festival Gracia tradition of democratic street level celebration of
culture and entertainment is excellent match for spirit we hope for at
net-art.org. Also the possibility exists that the creator(s) of the most
popular site of '01 will get to visit Barcelona for Festival Gracia the
following year. 

For 'net-art01' we will thoroughly review format of our net-art 'arena',
for instance whether we can find another method to display sites than
inside of net-art frames? Whether those sites/projects nominated that
fail to get any appreciation over a given period should be moved to a
secondary list? Whether we can extend ability to add comments to site
listings to visitors? Whether we can improve timing of publicity and
mailings? Whether entry page to 'net-art01' must be simpler than
'net-art00'. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome.


Andy Forbes

any correspondence please mail atty {AT} hell.com


Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 22:08:19 +0100
From: "Lorenzo Taiuti" <md3169 {AT} mclink.it>
Subject: Auguri

Particularly to Thomas Sherman
and to all


Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 04:33:54 -0700
From: m e t a <meta {AT} meta.am>
Subject: http://meta.am/   -  glass vortex



                            vor.lass  -  glass vortex

stress fractures in data
& logic

a self similar process of spatial deconstruction
 {AT}  3 frames per second




Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 20:19:38 +0100
From: Jaap <jaap {AT} squat.net>
Subject: [ASCII] Agenda januari 2001

     ASCII Internetwerkplace presents:

              Januari 2001

    Linuxcourse - Hardware4girls - Workshops


On januari 15th our Linux course starts again. The course is aimed at
Subjects covered:
- Linux installation
- Working with the shell
- X-windows
- Software for linux
The courses will be given on monday night, starting at 19:30.
Date: 15-1 till 19-2 (six weeks). Costs: fl 75,-
More info: janneke {AT} wagenstraat.squat.net

Computer Hardware 4 Girls

Have you never opened a computer before? Are you tired of having a boy
telling you what to do? Do you prefer being in a computerclass with women
only? On January 24 starts the course "Computer Hardware 4 Girls". The
at Ascii will teach you the basics of computer hardware and how to look
for answers.

Course dates: January 24 | 31 | February 7 2001.
Time and space: 19.30 - 22.00 at Ascii, Jodenbreestraat 24, Amsterdam.
Price: fl. 50,- (incl. reader, coffee/tea and a screwdriver)
Language: English
Info: sara {AT} genderchangers.org

Every tuesday night: workshops in ASCII
Free Entrance

Tu  9 januari: This little program written in C
Tu 16 januari: An introduction to Perl
Tu 23 januari: "..we cannot imagine someone needing more than 50 MHz."
Tu 30 januari: Why and how to make a website for you squat

Tu  9 januari: This little program written in C
  The mother of all programming languages: C. Most modern program
  use C as the basis for their syntax. It's a very powerfull language,
  in which small programs can be quite usefull. Some people refuse to use
  anything else. Today on of them will tell you why.

Tu 16 januari: An introduction to Perl
  Perl is a very powerfull scripting language, in which you can program
  anything from a script to send mail from a website to a full sized
  mailinglist manager. In this introduction, we'll show you some of the
  benefits of Perl.

Tu 23 januari: "..we cannot imagine someone needing more than 50 MHz."
  ..in 1985 Amiga introduced what today is known as MultiMedia.It could
  8-bit sounds in 4-channels,stereo and could display simultaniously 4096
  colors on the screen,playing animations and running several processes in
  the background at the same time,than introduced and today known as a
  multitasking.In those days IBM platforms had green and black displays
  could do *blip* from an internal speaker.Not to mention their bloated
  nonefficiant OSes.Amiga was designed from the ground up as a perfect
  of hardware and software and is extremly memory efficiant.Intuitive and
  fast GUI,audio and video capabilities quickly gained popularity in a
  industry as well as in the home usage.It became best kept Holywood
  and a most popular gaming platform through late 80's and early
  2.5 million Amigas were sold till 1994 when Commodore went
  a dream of many people - to build a better computer.
  On 23. January we will demonstrate some of the capabilities of Amiga on
  three different models: A500 from 1989 with 1 Mb memory running on a 7
  MHz Motorola 68000,A1200 with 64 MB running on Motorola 68060 50 MHz and
  A4000 with 120 Mb  running on 68040, 25 MHz equipped with 24-bit graphic
  card,TV card and audio card..a night of games,demos and some serious
  programs..a night of having a great fun and rebooting from time to
  time..;-)..join us.

Tu 30 januari: Why and how to make a website for you squat
  When squatting a building, making a website about it might not be your
  priority. But why not? Writing a letter to the neighbours is generally
  considered a good thing. Why not make some publicity for yourself on the
  Workshop contents:
  - Why make a website? Introduction, overview of existing websites,
  - Squat!net: a webserver for your homepage?
  - A practical howto. Hands-on introduction on making a homepage.

More information about the workshops:  jaap {AT} squat.net / janneke {AT} squat.net.

ASCII Internetworkplace
Jodenbreestraat 24
1011 NK Amsterdam

ascii {AT} squat.net
ASCII internet workspace - Rewiring the underground since 1999.
Jodenbreestraat 24sous, Amsterdam


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