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<nettime> open-source XTime! not Corporatly branded "Swatch internet tim
jonathan jay on Thu, 9 Aug 2001 00:32:24 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> open-source XTime! not Corporatly branded "Swatch internet time"

as per Sebastian's suggestion below, this is being posted here.  Please
read below and then point your browser to www.xtime.org

presently this Global, decimal, time-standard is not as widely distributed
as "Swatch Internet Time".  Since there is no product to sell, and no
corporate advertising budget, you may not have yet heard of XTime.  But
since XTime is a more elegent better thought out, and fully SSI and JD
compliant global decimal time system, this will inevitably change.

There is still some work needing to be done to make XTime more easily
available for many folks to use more easily to coordinate actions over
many timezones, but i think this is a small effort with a big reward --
our own, non-corporate *opensource* autonomous global activist time.  
This time can be what WE make of it.

please send your suggestions to me jonathan {AT} microradio.net, and i will
post them to the xtime site over the course of the months of August and

in solidarity 100/365,
jonathan jay Seattle

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Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 17:58:56 +0200
From: "sebastian {AT} rolux.org" <sebastian {AT} rolux.org>
To: jonathan jay <jonathan {AT} speakeasy.net>
Subject: Re: Fw: <nettime> What is  {AT} XXX? [Re: Stop the G8: Online
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hi jonathan,
sounds great to me. please also post it to nettime-l {AT} bbs.thing.net.
best, sebastian

jonathan jay wrote:

> hello Sebastian, what a headache!  who is calling upon a *corporatly* owned
> and branded time signature to coordinate a cyber attack on the G-8?
> you sure were right to pop the premise, but oh-no! Using a corporate time to
> coordinate against the Empire of the corporate state? it just goes to show
> we need our own open-source resistiance anti-corporate global time
> coordinating tools for poly-timezone collaberation... i suggest XTime.
> the creation of this anti-imperial, anti-corporate anti-prime meridian
> internationalist time standard was spearheaded back in '95/96, by me with a
> small group here in Seattle, a couple of years *before* SWATCH launched
> "internet time", by collaberating with about 25 different folks via the web
> and locally here in town where i live, pushing it along until it evolved
> into it's current form.
> you can check it out on the web at www.xtime.org
> rather than corporate owned and profit driven, it is open source, and was
> organically develpoed by volunteers.  rather than reify a corporate
> headquarters or imperial capital the way Swatch and GMT each try to do by
> imposing their local (London or Biel) time on the rest of the world, XTime
> is based on the international Date Line (IDL), and is very nearly equally
> de-centering to the the whole world of users.  Hardly anyone lives out in
> the middle of the pacific ocean (the single largest surface feature of our
> watery world) at 180 degrees longitude, the X-prime Meridian, where each new
> global day starts at midnight on the IDL, the "zero moment" of XTime.
> I suggest that if folks want to coordinate their activities to help create a
> post-colonial, anti-imperial, non-corporate, open-source, egalitarian world, we
> would do well to use a post-colonial, anti-imperial, non-corporate, open-source
> egalitarian time tool to synchronise ourselves.  Xtime is that time.
> The "Zero Moment" of XTime -- 00:000.XT (12:00:00 UTC) -- is a much better
> moment to launch a coordinated attack against G-8 servers.  This is the
> moment of the beginning of the new date on the IDL, midnight in the middle
> of the pacific ocean, AND noon GMT, the middle of the European workday, a
> great part of the day to fuck shit up... folks can go to lunch, and never
> come back... ;)
> best,

jonathan jay
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