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<nettime> netstrike.it censored by italian police
jaromil on Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:57:51 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> netstrike.it censored by italian police

www.netstrike.it the italian website representing the netstrike movement,
started by sTRANOnETWORK many years ago as a practice that has been then
followed by many hacktivists around the globe (remarkably a PEACEFUL way to 
protest online) has been obscured today by the italian police.

italy is in great danger, civil rights, human rights and rights to speak are 
clearly violated by the italian government in the past months. i'm asking 
myself how far this can go, and what else can be done. one thing is sure: 
NOBODY will give up!

please, in every situation you are, state clearly your disapproval to the way
italian government is acting and take care to keep yourself informed:  
mainstream media channels are constantly defacing informations and independent
media channels are deleted with militar enforcements.

jrml ..//korova.dyne.org
6EEE 4FB2 2555 7ACD 8496  AB99 E2A2 93B4 6C62 4800

[note: what you currently see when you connect to the website is a mirror
outside of italy.  nettime-l/mod]

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