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<nettime> Announcements [12]

Table of Contents:

   tech_2 in Bristol, UK - please come along                                       
     lisa haskel <lisa {AT} southspace.org>                                               

   GLOBAL INSIGHTS 4 - festival and video magazine ( call for submissions )        
     dr woooo <vornman {AT} excite.com>                                                   

   P H2O  A R T E  di  Cuneo  -  Programma/programme  2001/2002  (ita/eng/fra)     
     "ph2o arte" <ph2oarte {AT} hotmail.com>                                              

   Re: n_Gen CEASE and ASSIST notification                                         
     support {AT} auto-illustrator.com                                                    

   LMC webcast 12th August 2001                                                    
     David Mandl <dmandl {AT} panix.com>                                                  

   Press releases - cast01 conference & netzspannung.org                           
     Ulrike Boecking <ulrike.boecking {AT} imk.fhg.de>                                    

   Dance Review                                                                    
     Yukihiko Yoshida <yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp>                                      

   retoy.net, HAHAHA.. etoy.OBJECT_TROUVE                                          
     net_CALLBOY <play {AT} ubermorgen.com>                                               

   "Post-Cagian Interactive Sound" --- Call for Entries.                           
     you minowa <mcmogatk {AT} po.sphere.ne.jp>                                           

   for immediate release                                                           
     victor acevedo <acevedo4 {AT} earthlink.net>                                         

   CONDUCTOR NUMBER ZERO | FAQ | FOR WHITNEY ARTPORT 08.2001                       
     Laila Mohammed <infogirl {AT} progirl.com>                                           

   Electronic Cafe Cocktail Benefit 8/14/Santa Monica                              
     "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                


Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 14:40:51 +0100
From: lisa haskel <lisa {AT} southspace.org>
Subject: tech_2 in Bristol, UK - please come along

Tech_2 Bristol, UK: Independent Infrastructures
18 - 25th August 2001

Tech_2 Bristol is an 8 day gathering of technical and content 
creating collectives from the UK and around the world creating 
independent online and offline spaces for independent publishing, 
community communications, and socially conscious networking.

Hosted by  Bristol's Cube Cinema despite fire damage at their usual 
premesis, tech_2 spreads itself across various unusual venues and 
locations across Bristol.

They'll be practical workshops and skill sharing sessions, 
presentations and discussions about initiatives locally and 

If you are already involved in setting up and running your own 
publications, servers or media communication channels, or would like 
to, then get in touch about getting involved.

They'll be day long practical workshops on how to set up networks so 
that you can share domestic internet connectivity such as ADSL, and 
your electronic content, with friends and neighbours, and we'll be 
investigating the possiblities for setting up a block-wide micro-TV 
station on your housing estate. We'll also be looking at software 
tools that have been built for particular social contexts, users and 

The daytime workshops and discussions take place at Windmill Hill 
City Farm - we're intending to set up a wireless network there so 
come and work with us among the animals and the plants! The evening 
events take place upstairs at the Hatchet Pub, which will also be 
open each night, 21st to 25th for relaxed, lounge style music, 
visuals and special events from Ambient TV, sulphric [p]lacid, 
Independent Heroine and more.

Participants include people from: Tao (Canada), Octapod, Catalyst 
Media and Spinach server (Australia), Redbricks (Manchester, UK), 
i-contact, Planet Easton and Bristle (Bristol, UK), Riseup.net (USA), 
Protest.net (USA), Sarai Media Lab (India), Redundant Technology 
Initiative (Sheffield, UK) Irational.org (Distributed) and many 

Stand by for workshops, screenings, wiring experiments and extreme 
DIY .  Ring or check the website for updates on the activity.

for info email: info {AT} tech2.southspace.org
ring: 07946 378905

Tech_2 Days

Name:	Rubbish to Router
Date:	Tuesday 21st August 2001
Time:	12:00:00 PM
town:	Bristol
place:	Windmill Hill City Farm
room:	Upstairs room
Description:	Rubbish 2 Router is a practical workshop on how to 
build a fully functional local area network with full internet 
connection from salvaged and scrap components using open source 
software such as linux and domestic connectivity such as adsl. Bring 
tools, computer components, reference books and ideas. If you want 
to, or are already sharing connectivity and/or content with friends 
and neighbours, then this one is for you. All levels of technical 
knowlege is welcome!

Name:	Towerblock TV
Date:	Wednesday 22nd August 2001
Time:	12:00:00 PM
town:	Bristol
place:	RING FOR DETAILS - somewhere near Dove STreet
room:	tbc
Description:	Tower blocks are normally thought of as failed 
modernist housing solutions terminating in isolation, non-communities 
and social division. Highrise flats, membranes of life and social 
strata are fed by an array of services: water, power, entertainment. 
Imanent in the cable tv feed is the action of self-transmission; 
residents stations where the paranoid glance of the entrance cctv 
image is replaced by a self-programmed array of home made and user 
managed audio, video and text information presentations. In this 
workshop we'll explore how to run a residents micro TV station from 
your own flat using the existing shared wiring systems. Bring video 
material, video players, tools, and programming ideas.

Name:	Finishing off workshops and special presentations
Date:	Thursday 23rd August 2001
Time:	12:00:00 PM
town:	Bristol
place:	Windmill Hill City Farm
room:	tbc
Description:	A chance to finish up the workshop tasks, and address 
any new questions that have come up during the previous days. Plus a 
walk round the wirelss LAN and a cryptography workshop. Ring for 

Name:	Open Content, Open Tools
Date:	Friday 24th August 2001
Time:	13:00:00 PM
town:	Bristol
place:	Windmill Hill City Farm
room:	Craft Room
Description:	If you know  a task or a community well, you might be 
the best person to design software to make it run...  the day starts 
with a discussion that takes the Sarai Media Lab "Cybermohalla" 
project as a starting point.  This is a progamme develop a computing 
culture within non-elite social spaces, including the development of 
software for specific contexts. Plus other examples including 
Indymedia's Active code, the Irational toolkit and Mongrel's Linker. 
Followed by a practical workshop introducing software languages and 
applications such as PHP, mySQL and PERL that can help you build your 
own tools.  All levels of technical knowlege welcome.

Tech_2 nights

Offshore Cube: Upstairs at the Hatchet Pub, Bristol (Evening events), and
August 21-25

Tuesday August 21st 8PM
Tech_2 introductions from arts labs, community media and activist 
orgs Spinach and Octapod (Australia), Riseup.net and Protest.net 
(USA), Irational.org [Distributed], Indymedia [UK/USA], Sarai 
[India], Redbricks (Manchester).

media infiltration from Ambient TV - Department for the Unexpected. 
VJ by Manu, DJ by Mukul [Anokha]

Wednesday August 22nd 8PM

sulphric [p]lacid

Thursday August 23rd 8PM

Films from India selected and presented by Monica Narula from Sarai 
media lat and the RAQS documenatry film collective;  "In the Eye of 
the Fish" and "Present Imperfect Future Tense", by RAQS, plus 
"Satya"(1988) a feature film by Ram Gopal Verma about Bombay and its 
underworld life.

Friday August 24th 8PM

Technical Heroine Night from the Cube's Independent Heroine.
WIth Jessica Abel of cult Fantagraphics comic ARTBABE interviewed 
live from her N.Y pad. Plus  Amp from Amp minizine and ampnet.co.uk 
presenting communities and Technics Heroines on the decks (2catz + 
others). Special feature film starring technical heroines to be 

Saturday August 25th 8PM

Tech_2 Closing Night
to shutdown tech_2 in Bristol. Video night with game hacks, automated 
grafiti writers and mad billboard attacks from Institute for Applied 
Autonomy, Eddo Stern, I-Contact and others.

Tech_2 day workshops will run all week at the Windmill Hill City 
Farm. Expect plants, animals, wireless networking and socially 
conscious computing.

FULL PROGRAMME AT http://tech2.southspace.org

for info email: info {AT} tech2.southspace.org
ring: 07946 378905

Look out also for the Tech_2 Leeds programme in September/October 2001.

Tech_2 is funded by the Arts Council of England National Touring Programme
Organised by Media Art Projects with the Cube.


Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 20:42:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: dr woooo <vornman {AT} excite.com>
Subject: GLOBAL INSIGHTS 4 - festival and video magazine ( call for submissions )

ATTENTION: independent activist video makers! 


accessnews {AT} skatv.org.au 

                 ** calling for submissions from video activists ** 

                 GLOBAL INSIGHTS 4 - festival and video magazine 

                 GLOBAL INSIGHTS, Australia's most inspiring screen event,
is set to return for 2001. 

                 SKA TV is now calling for submissions from video activists.

                 Whether it's independent media collectives pulling together
footage from 30 camcorders at a giant action against the World Bank, a
protester filming her comrade destroy the control room of a military
helicopter, or media satirists creating 'anti-ads' to send up the corporate
media's banality and bias, Global Insights has showcased the best of
activist video from around the world for the last four years. 

                 Since GLOBAL INSIGHTS 3, the world has seen an amazing
explosion of new media activism - as well as the growing interest from
mainstream television outlets in this kind of material. 

                 Is it an attempt to reinvigorate a sterile and artificial
tv culture, or just because it's cheap to purchase? 

Just file it under 'reality tv'... 

Meanwhile GLOBAL INSIGHTS remains one of the few means of screening and
distributing this kind of material. 

                 GLOBAL INSIGHTS has two arms - a compilation of short video
activist works which is screened in Melbourne, and a videomagazine which is
distributed through grass-roots networks, festivals and community
broadcasters around the world. 

Global Insights 3 was seen in places as diverse as Seoul and Antarctica. 

Submissions should be complete edited pieces of less than 12 minutes
duration, or able to be cut down to less than 12 minutes. 

The deadline is the end of September 2001. 

Contact us about video formats and other questions. 

We have a small budget to cover costs in getting your material to us. 

                 All contributors will receive a copy Global Insights 4. 

                 Global Insights (and in fact SKA TV) is a %100 volunteer
production made by 
                 activists and media mischief makers. 

Send a cool gift with your E-Card


Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 05:49:14 +0000
From: "ph2o arte" <ph2oarte {AT} hotmail.com>
Subject: P H2O  A R T E  di  Cuneo  -  Programma/programme  2001/2002  (ita/eng/fra)

P H2O  A R T E  di  Cuneo  -  Programma/programme  2001/2002  (ita/eng/fra)

Presentazione programma degli eventi della P.H2O Arte.
   Programme presentation for the event Autumn-Winter 2001/2.
     Presentation du programme des évenements de P.H2O Arte 2001/2.

giorno d inaugurazione, opening day, inauguration:
09/10/01  21,00 - 23,00

Presentazione, presentation:
- - Serata con performance di O.Calvetti e musica del d.j. Rabel per la 
presentazione del programma autunno inverno della P.H2O Arte di Cuneo
- - In the evening with performance of O.Calvetti and music of d.j. Rabel for 
the presentation of the programme Autumn and Winter of P.H2O Arte di Cuneo
- - Soiree de presentation du programme de la P.H2O Arte de Cuneo avec une 
performance de O.Calvetti et music de d.j. Rabel.

Collage  (30/10/01 idea, 13/11 lab  §  27/11 opera, 11/12  lab  § 08/01/02 
forma/form, 22/01/02 lab  §  12/02/02 luogo/place, 26/02/02 lab.)
incontri e laboratorio per artisti con mostra finale in Aprile.
  meetings and laboratories for artists with final exhibition in April.
   rencontres et laboratoire pour les artistes avec exposition finale en 

28/12/01     video-night
Serata sui video d'arte.
  Art video evening.
   Soiree art video.

03 - 20/01/02    Appunti
Esposizione dei libri d'arte realizzati dalla P.H2O.
  Exposition of the P.H2O art books.
   Exposition des livres d'art realisés par P.H2O.

19/02/02   C.A.D.
Centro Artistico di Documentazione, inaugurazione di un centro di 
documentazione sugli artisti contemporanei (biblioteca, database, p.c. con 
accesso ad internet...)
  Opening of new document center (library, data-base, p.c. with access for 
   Ouverture du nouvelle chambre de documentation pour artistes 
contemporains (bibliotheque, base de donnees, ordinateurs avec acces pour 

12-31/03/02    Presente
ricerca con mostra sulla realtà artistica nella Provincia di Cuneo nel nuovo 
  research worker of today's art in Cuneo Province with exposition.
   recherche et exposition sur la situation artistique dans la Province de 

Indirizzo, address, adresse:
P. H2O Arte (Pulce d Acqua Arte) via Manfredi di Luserna 10 - 12100 Cuneo, 
t: 0328-2159521 (17.30 - 19.30)  e: ph2oarte {AT} hotmail.com

Ringraziamo per la vostra attenzione e porgiamo cordiali saluti.
  Thanks for your attention, best regards.
    Nous vous remercions de votre attention, en vous priant d'agréer nos 
meilleures salutations.

Responsabili del progetto / Carge of / responsables:

D a D o     (  Daniela  Audisio    e    Domenico  Olivero  ).

Disponibili per collaborazioni,
  We are available for collaborations,
    Nous somes disponibles pour toute collaborations

P.H2O Arte progetto autogestito per l arte contemporanea, in collaborazione 
con il Comune di Cuneo (Italia).
   P.H2O Arte is a no-profit space for all form of Arts, with co-operation 
of the Municipality of Cuneo (Italy).
     P.H2O Arte est un projet à but non lucratif realisé avec la 
collaboration de la Municipalité de Cuneo  (Italie).

Se desiderate non ricevere i nostri comunicati inviateci un'e-mail 
intitolata: rimuovimi.
   To unsubscribe from this list send an email to ph2oarte {AT} hotmail.com with 
subject : remove
     Si vous ne voulez pas récevoir nos message, prions nous envoyer un 
message e-mail intitulé: annulle-moi

Scarica GRATUITAMENTE MSN Explorer all'indirizzo 


Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 11:31:36 +0100 (BST)
From: support {AT} auto-illustrator.com
Subject: Re: n_Gen CEASE and ASSIST notification

SIGNWAVE UK will rigorously persue it's CEASE and ASSIST order with
MOVEDESIGN, makers of n_Gen - a generative software parody of Adobe

Beginning immediately, Signwave will arrange through it's agents and
appropriate acting parties that n_Gen shall be submitted to app-art.org
for further inspection. Further details to be provided as necessary.

n_Gen shall also be considered for inclusion in a forthcoming festival
in .es (specific details nondisclosable) as part of an ongoing programme
of CEASE and ASSIST orders against other generative softwares.

- -- 
Ed Hanford
IP Legal Protection Team, Signwave UK.
support {AT} auto-illustrator.com


Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 12:01:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Mandl <dmandl {AT} panix.com>
Subject: LMC webcast 12th August 2001

The London Musicians' Collective presents a special radio webcast on
Sunday 12 August from 5pm till 11 pm.  Entitled "The Splendour That
Was Greed" it features new works by a line-up of London's stars

Sarah Washington, Salome Voegelin, Richard Sanderson (Baggage Reclaim;
Ticklish), Mick Ritchie, Ed Pinsent (Sound Projector; Mystery Dick),
Orchestre Murphy, Lepke B. (Die Trip Computer Die; Omsk), Paul Hood
(Instant Music Meeting), Phil England (Resonance FM instigator; London
Underground; Variant), Viv Corringham (Blue Camel), Jonathan Bohman
(Bohman Brothers), Adam Bohman (Morphogenesis), Harmon E. Phraisyar
and Knut Auferman.

Your hosts for the evening are Andy Lowe and Tom Wallace.

Special guests DJ Sonomorph and Testcard (from Radio4AD).

Expect radical works for radio and unique webcast events.

Tune in on LMC's AUDIO page on the day.

Meantime, LMC is one of only fifteen organisations to have been invited by
the Radio Authority to apply to take part in its experimental Access Radio
pilot scheme. Stay tuned for further details.

- ---------------------------------------------
London Musicians' Collective Limited
3.6 Lafone House, 11-13 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3HN
Tel: 020 7403 1922
Fax: 020 7403 1880
Registered charity number 290236
- ---------------------------------------------


Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 12:55:44 +0200
From: Ulrike Boecking <ulrike.boecking {AT} imk.fhg.de>
Subject: Press releases - cast01 conference & netzspannung.org


August 2001

cast01 / Living in Mixed Realities
Conference on Communication of Art, Science and Technology

The Fraunhofer Institute Media Communication asks for participation in
the conference cast01 "Living in Mixed Realities". cast01 will take
place from the 21st to 22nd September 2001 at Schloss Birlinghoven,
Sankt Augustin (near Bonn), Germany  under the patronage of Edelgard
Bulmahn, German Federal Minister for Education and Research. The
conference addresses everybody working on the interface of art, culture,
new technologies and media sciences.

The conference is to discuss the following questions: What does it mean
to live, play and work in a world shaped and perceived through digital
media, networks and architectures of real and virtual space? How can the
development of complex communication spaces, life environments and
economic models be designed as an interplay of technological, social and
artistic forces?

Unlike conventional concepts of virtual realities mixed reality
architectures combine social and cultural action forms in the real space
with processes in virtual environments. Network structures enable new
forms of cooperation and support generation and detection of new
information in media knowledge spaces.

400 artists and scientists submitted projects on new technologies and
concepts for artistic productions. An international jury will select the
most interesting projects. During the conference these projects will be
presented in seven thematic blocks. Both new media art projects and
innovative research projects of the EU program Information Society
Technologies (IST) will be among these presentations. Famous scientists
and artists from all over the world will present papers and lead through
the presentation of the projects. These include Roy Ascott, Natalie
Jeremijenko, Bill Buxton and Jill Scott.

Two special events will enrich the conference program.
>netzspannung.org<, the media lab on the Internet will go online.
>digital sparks< will give awards to three outstanding  German student
projects in the fields of media art and design as well as media

cast01 is organized by the MARS Exploratory Media Lab  of the Fraunhofer
Institute Media Communication (former GMD institute)*. The conference is
funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (bmb+f)
and the European Commission.

For information about preliminary program, invited speakers,
participation and registration see: http://netzspannung.org/cast01

More information about the conference: Ms Claudia Valle
Phone: +49-(0)2241 - 14 2725, Fax: +49-(0)2241 - 14 2133,
E-mail: claudia.valle {AT} imk.fhg.de

Registration fee: DM 500,- (early registration until August 15 - reduced
fee DM 350,-)
Students: DM 150,- (early registration until August 15 - reduced fee DM

Press information/registration: Ms Ulrike Boecking
Phone: +49-(0)2241 - 14 2633, Fax: +49-(0)2241 - 14 2133,
E-mail: ulrike.boecking {AT} imk.fhg.de

Fraunhofer Institute Media Communication
Schloss Birlinghoven, D- 53754 Sankt Augustin (near Bonn), Germany
Monika Fleischmann, Head of the MARS Exploratory Media Lab

* GMD and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have merged in July 2001.


Press Release
August 2001

netzspannung spreads networks

netzspannung.org, the media lab on the Internet, will be opened! On the
occasion of the conference cast01/ Living in Mixed Realities taking
place on the 21st September 2001 at Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin
(near Bonn), netzspannung.org will go online.

The Internet platform for media staging, artistic production and
inter-media research is being developed by the MARS Exploratory
Medialab. Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss from the Fraunhofer
Institute Media Communication are the leaders of the project which is
funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The
activities aim at establishing a competence center for media art and
media technology whose information repository about todayís digital
culture can be used by artists, curators, scientists, producers and

Knowledge discovery interfaces enable discovery and visualization of
media works. The distributed system architecture, online workspaces and
tools that are extensible on open source basis such as the mixed reality
stage (eMuse) or interactive Internet television (i2TV) support digital
production and experiments in networked media spaces.

The first knowledge pools available on the platform are the
netzspannung.org/journal, the conference cast01/ Living in Mixed
Realities and digital sparks, a cartography of student media projects at
German-speaking universities. A parallel activity interconnects various
archives to create a collaborative knowledge space.

Though targeted to experts, netzpsnanung.org also allows the
participation of the interested public in the design and exploration of
complex communication spaces within artistic, social and technological

Information about
netzspannung.org http://netzspannung.org/journal/issue0/netzspannung
the history http://netzspannung.org/journal/issue0/cat-history.html
the conference cast01  http://netzspannung.org/cast01
digital sparks http://netzspannung.org/digital-sparks

Public Relations Department
Ulrike Boecking,
Email:ulrike.boecking {AT} imk.fhg.de
Tel. 02241-14-2633, fax 02241-14-2133

Fraunhofer Institute Media Communication
Schloss Birlinghoven, D- 53754 Sankt Augustin (near Bonn), Germany
Monika Fleischmann, Head of the MARS Exploratory Media Lab


Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 14:46:56 +0900
From: Yukihiko Yoshida <yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp>
Subject: Dance Review

  T i m e Z o n e/ GMT+9:00  ---New Tokyo Dance Syle--
  Dance and BodyCulture,Dance Diary from TOKYO
  (The URL for my review is in the following.
   http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~yukihiko/timezone.html  )

  Written By Yukihiko YOSHIDA

     yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp
     moderator of Dance Maling List/Japan
    (The page is written in Japanese)

Mika Kurosawa Solo Dance "The Rose Man"2001 Production
August9th-12th ,at Terpsichore,Nakano, Tokyo.

With the sound like modem and virtual data communication, her real
half-naked body moved around the stage.
The body was lighted up in several ways.

Mika Kurosawa,konwn as a comtemporary dancer, danced with half-naked-fashion.
Her stage reminds me of the stages of Duncan and Graham.
In spite of erotic performance, the impression was fresh and neat.
At the beginning of 20th century,"naked body" appeared in art movements in 
the past,for example, german expressionism,Bauhaus, Dada,etc.
In Tokyo, postmodern style and one of biggest cities in Asia, now is the 
age of decadance. At the beginning of new century, there are still some hope.
By the fall of Japanese economy and politics, Tokyo is in the state of chaos.
Her body and dance can show erotic chaos with ray of light.
Today's stage symolized "Tokyo" these days.

Yukihiko YOSHIDA

(C)All right reserved by Yukihiko YOSHIDA
   Questions and Comments should be e-mail to yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp

Petition:Martha Graham is still in danger/
3 Elements of the world:   Joy / Fun / Love
- --Yuk;-)iko YOSHIDA
Yukihiko YOSHIDA
Artist/Systems Humanist/Generalist
Keio University,Graduate School for Media and Governance
Japanese Society for Dance Research
World Dance Alliance

Project Xanadu : working as an assistant

<Personal Projects:>
The moderator of Dance Mailing List:
Xanalogical Artists Society -- We Fight on ! --
e-mail address : yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp
                 yukihiko {AT} xanadu.net
webpage: http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~yukihiko/
closest fax number: <:none>
current BGM:<Can't take my eyes off you/BoysTownGang>
Travel Path:<none>
currnet physical location:<tokio,kanagawa,fujisawa>
current physical status: < fine >
GPS Coordinates:<.>
Citizen of World
a young master like Jedi
PGP Key <finger yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp>
trans(c) Yukihiko Yoshida 2001


Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 20:07:01 +0200
From: net_CALLBOY <play {AT} ubermorgen.com>
Subject: retoy.net, HAHAHA.. etoy.OBJECT_TROUVE


   ...object_trouve from a distant time in
      history;;;;;;;; maybe for y/attention


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      ps: and here again a  ""classic""
      the etoy.TANK-SYSTEM 1995/1997;

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      action 1995 http://www.hijack.org

- -- 

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Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 13:51:45 +0900
From: you minowa <mcmogatk {AT} po.sphere.ne.jp>
Subject: "Post-Cagian Interactive Sound" --- Call for Entries.

			Art on the Net 2001
		"Post-Cagian Interactive Sound"
			Now Open to Entries
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Since 1995, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo (MCMOGATK), 
has been sponsoring the world's first Internet art and web contents 
open competition, "Art on the Net," exploring the potentials of the 
Internet as a medium of art. Twenty countries were represented in 
the "Art on the Net 2000 -- Parody,"  and the prizes went to Russian 
and German artists. In the past six years since its first show, 
"Art on the Net 1995," over 500 entries have been submitted and artists
from 40 countries have participated. Net.art entries in each show 
reflected the cutting-edge technology of that time. We believe it 
has been presenting a completely new status of art created at the 
the crossroads of art history, technology and the society. 

The theme of the 7th "Art on the Net 2001" is "Post-Cagian Interactive 
Sounds." We again are open to any entries that are experimental, that 
have power to turn around the conventional concepts of art. Acceptance 
of the entries, jurying, and exibition are all done on the Internet. 
The DEADLINE for the entry is August 30, 2001. Winners are scheduled 
to be announced on November 25, the last day of a live event sponsored 
by MCMOGATK, "Interactive  Sounds" held between November 23 and 25. 

The jurors are;

#Kowaga Tetsuo (Japan) #Director for the "Art on the Net" 
	Media critic, Professor of Communications at Tokyo Keizai 
#DeeDee Halleck (U.S.A.)
	Professor of Communication at the University of California, 
	San Diego- Department of Communication
#Ralf Homann (Germany)
	Artist, Head of Experimental Radio, Bauhaus-University Weimar 
#Bernie Roehl (Canada)
	Senior Software Developer at the Department of Electrical & 
	Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo. VRML expert
#Olga Chishko (Russia)
	Art expert, curator, specialist in new media art
#Shirouyasu Suzuki (Japan)
	Professor at Tama Art University, poet and visual artist

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Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 04:07:40 -0400
From: victor acevedo <acevedo4 {AT} earthlink.net>
Subject: for immediate release

Two computer graphic images by Victor Acevedo called Skull and 4D Memory

Cluster will appear  on the front and back covers of the upcoming
Leonardo Journal Volume 34 Number 4 (August 2001)

Acevedo was recently interviewed by a reporter from the local news
channel NY1 in conjunction with the Digital Salon Selected Works
exhibition at the Corning Gallery, NYC. See the clip at


Victor Acevedo is a digital artist working primarily in print and video.

He has shown his work in over 80 exhibitions worldwide including Silent
Motion at the Colville Place gallery, London, 2001;

Podgallery NYC 2000 and 1999; SIGGRAPH 98

Homage to M.C. Escher at the Escher Centennial Congress in Rome, 1998

NY Digital Salon 1996 & 1994; ISEA , Minneapolis 1993; Prix Ars
Electronica, Linz 1991. In 1999, his piece called The Lacemakerwas
featured in the ACM/SIGGRAPH documentary "The Story of Computer

Later that year, Acevedo's work was included in the exhibition
celebrating the 20th anniversary of EZTV/CyberSpace which was held at
the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Acevedo currently resides in

New York City where he lectures on digital fine art at the School of
Visual Arts. See the Spring 2001
webcast series at: http://www.sva.edu/salon/EventsFrames.html


Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 23:54:57 -0400
From: Laila Mohammed <infogirl {AT} progirl.com>


- ----------

Q:What if no one bids for the CN_ZERO images via ebay.com?
(http://www.whitney.org/artport) Will this constitute some type of failure?
Will restlessculture still betray itself?
A:Maybe it will be a testament to faith in the gallery system as the
continued brokers of choice for art and taste.  Maybe it will just result in
the lack of pocket change for me thus confirming that restlessculture is
still a little shy of being handed over to pure profitability.  Thus far I
think it is interesting to consider these ebay.com auctions as sacrificial
rituals that "purify" restlessculture and insure its continued vitality and
movement, i.e. life outside immediate and easy commodification.

Q:How do you expect to change anything using images like the following?

A:My work functions as a "web" or text of many divergent threads and links.
To isolate and attempt a reading of a singular component of my work outside
the hyper-weave of context (made possible by the net itself) is the only
real method one could employ toward completely mis-understanding my work.  I
do not work with the intention of changing anything.  My work is
creative-play.  I do not expect any stark, obvious, or otherwise
"revolutionary" exchange for this work.  I am a radical, a cultural
transgressive, an artist simply because I commit my life toward the gesture
of imagining anything other than what is prescribed for us through popular
western ideology.  My work is to keep imagination alive through any network
into which I may gain access, e.g.  streets, galleries, institutions,
internet, video, etc. Any platform for dissemination of art/information.

Q:I thought you were a feminist... what is with all these fragmented bodies
and heads rendered faceless by bright lights?

A:This is not decision based on gender (the images in question are not even
gender specific) but moreover a decision informed by 1st world class.  All
images of American artists, cultural transgressives and/or individuals and
friends who dedicate their lives toward creative work under the auspices of
this country must be rendered as "overexposed" for the duration of Conductor
Number Zero.  This is how I choose to represent the disregard and
impossibility of the artist amidst the spectacle of accelerated capitalism.

Q:Themes of overt, sexual sleaziness in your work do nothing for me.

A:Components of my work can function as carriers for pleasure or agents of
seduction or repulsion (depending on the viewers openess and sincerity
toward themselves) but to read my work only as such and to assume it is
there soley for one's guilty consumption is a great reduction and a less
than rigorous reading.

Q:Are you the anti-christ?

A:No.  That would be a simple game of which the binary structure is already
too widely known and even today still oftentimes blindly accepted and
employed.  At this time in history I think the job of anti-christ would very
boring and un-inspired work.

Q:Are you doing all this for self-recognition?

A:My work is motivated by self-recognition or re-cognizance, a returning to
ones-self.  I consider creative work to be a series of self-re-introductions
and re-evaluations.  A lifetime in update,
(ftp://www.restlessculture.net/pub/LifetimeInUpdate4.0.mp3) re-vision; to
see again.  An artist cannot work outside the obvious shipwreck of religion
and morality without constant assessment of position and situation.  These
self-surveys constitute the bases of ethics.  Every moment of schizophrenia
(decision) that arises in my working process are likewise moments of ethical

- ---------- end of faq


Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 07:52:40 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: Electronic Cafe Cocktail Benefit 8/14/Santa Monica

From: "Celia Pearce" <celia {AT} cpandfriends.com>
Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001 6:29 AM
Subject: Electronic Cafe Cocktail Benefit 8/14

Hi all:
Next Tuesday 8/14, some friends are thorowing a special SIGGRAPH event to
benefit Electronic Cafe International in Santa Monica from 6:30-8:30 (which
should give you plenty of time to make it for the Courses Reception.) Kit
and Sherrie will be showing some of their "greatest" hits and for those who
have never been there, ECafe is a historical must for anyone working in
telepresence, performance and online community stuff. They are sort of the
Nostradamums of the Internet, having been doing all sorts of wacky
telecollaboration stuff since the 70's, way before you could really "do" any
of that stuff. Kit & Sherrie have done a lot for the electronic arts
community for over two decades, so I think they have really earned and are
deserving of our support. If you can't make it to the benefit, consider
making a donation anyway or sponsoring someone who can't afford to come.

Hope to see you all there,

For more info on ECI and its contributions, visit http://www.ecafe.com

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Cocktails with Courtney & the Digital Commerce Lab
present a benefit for
The Electronic Café Archives Initiative

August 14, 2001
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

The Electronic Café
1649 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA

* Complimentary Bombay Sapphire Martinis
* Gourmet tamales
* Viewing stations with greatest hits from the ECI Archives

* Come spend a lovely, elegant evening
with fellow digerati, netizens & artists at the eclectic Electronic Café
in the creative-juice-inspiring 18th Street Arts Complex

Cuisine graciously sponsored by
Cadalyst Magazine and Response Magazine

Special thanks to Internet Wire

Catering service by Select Events

Kick off the SIGGRAPH conference right
with a great networking experience
for a good cause
with good people
and good food and drink!

Tickets: $25/in advance, $30/at the door

RSVP: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?binid=1&bevaID=15801
Directions:  http://www.ecafe.com/direct.html

The Event
The Electronic Cafe International (ECI) was founded by digital arts
pioneers Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz. Known for its role as a
leading multicultural community conducting ground-breaking aesthetic
research, ECI focuses on the exploration of real-time networked
collaborative multimedia environments. Originally a project
developed with MOCA for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival,
ECI's first hybrid computer and multimedia network linked five
culturally diverse community restaurants together for seven weeks,
and made history. After the festival, ECI went global, and grew into
a network of over 40 affiliates worldwide.

Countless other groundbreaking and historically significant projects
using telecollaborative technologies have taken place at the Café
over the past several decades. Now the ECI is immersed in the process
of preserving its archives and earlier works from the last 25 years.
The objective is to create the ECI Online Multimedia Archive and to
make it freely accessible to the public, art students and scholars.
This is a huge undertaking, involving thousands of hours of material,
and media assets of every imaginable kind. The amazing legacy of the
ECI must be preserved. This benefit is the kickoff event for the
fundraising effort for this extraordinary project.

Cocktails with Courtney
Courtney Pulitzer Creations enriches technology professionals
ambitions by fostering useful and positive idea exchange between the
movers, shakers and thinkers in today's emerging technology
industries. The company provides entertaining insider information
about the industry to those with an interest in it through its
newsletter, The Cyber Scene, and connects people  from around the
world to learn about each other, share information,  ideas and
develop relationships meant to strengthen the new wired world,
economy and business via Cocktails with Courtney, Morning Circle and
Stardust Circle panels. The newsletter reaches an international wired
audience, the cocktail parties are known internationally for their
high level attendees and the Morning Circle is gaining a reputation
as an intimate high-end exchange of information and networking.

Digital Commerce Lab
Founded by Ben Mendelson and Jeannine Parker, the mission of the
Digital Commerce Lab is to develop practical applications of creative
theory in commerce, and to produce them through richly collaborative
environments. The current lab project is an invitation-only
accelerator for interactive television. By leveraging the knowledge
from the direct response, interactive marketing and interactive
television industries, business models and best practices for ITV
commerce are rapidly developed and strategically integrated into
concrete, deployable, real-world projects.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Support the ECI! See you there!


- --

"Piracy will remain a problem until there is a reasonable alternative to
- -Michael Eisner
Celia Pearce & Friends
P.O. Box 690, Venice, CA  90294
tel: +1 310 390-8014
(f)e-mail: celia {AT} cpandfriends.com
web: http://www.cpandfriends.com


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